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  1. Rocket Jockey

    Need to mount Redline 360C high

    Do You Have A Visor Tint On the Top of Your Windshield? If Not! Have the Banana Strip Done! "EYEBROW" 6 To 8 Inches Down From Center! Slight Bowing To the Left & Right of Center! Some Windshields Have A Inverted [T] [email protected]@Ks Like This> [ ┴ ]. In the Left & Right Corners of Your Windshield! Those...
  2. Rocket Jockey

    R360C 1.7 and MRCD

    I Don't Trust the Escort Redline360c As of Yet! Nor, the Uniden R7! That's "Y" I Have the Radenso Pro M Exclusively For MRCD/MRCT! The Radenso Pro M's Platform Was Built From the Beginning For MRCD/MRCT GATSO! When the Theia Is Released, It Will Leave Both the Escort Redline 360c & Uniden R7...
  3. Rocket Jockey

    Valentine One G2 best setup/settings for being run in NC.

    You Have the Dram Team On Your Side! jestric! Bloovy One! Z06fan! The Post That Started It ALL From 2016; Updated Version June-2020 With PDF...
  4. Rocket Jockey

    Locations where additional Ka segments (ie. segment 6) are needed

    I Will Be Posting Update To Pings/Hits From DC To NYC! NYC To Miami! Jacksonville To Cali On I-10! And! Cali To DC On I-40 On Sunday! Displays On JBV1/WAZE/Google Maps/Facebook Live/Escort Live! And On, Mobile SATCOM!
  5. Rocket Jockey

    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    Great Info!
  6. Rocket Jockey

    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    Ahh! Your Just Jealous!...😆 PS: There's A "NEW" Radenso Pro M On Ebay For $399! FREE Expedited Shipping!
  7. Rocket Jockey

    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    Hey RGU! That [email protected]@KS Like "1" of My Post! 🙃 Remember Just 10+ Years Ago After the Updated Release of the Escort 9500iX! When Escort Live Was 1st Introduced To the Radar Detector World?... I Started Running My V1 With Trapster! And! The Escort 9500iX Side by Side FULL Time! When I Headed South...
  8. Rocket Jockey

    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    That Is 110% Accurate Z06fan! That Security Umbrella Applies To ALL High Value Targets In the US! Especially The Theme Parks! Top 25 Most Visited! And! Top 100 Most Populated! ALL Major Land Marks! Have You Seen the Spider Cams In! And! Around Time Square 42nd Street In NYC? Detect Radiation...
  9. Rocket Jockey

    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    For NOW! The Radenso Pro M, Is the Path Finder For MRCD/MRCT That I Trust Above ALL Others!... Disney World & Epcot Center In Orlando Snuck It Into Their Surrounding Roadways Under Homeland Security Blanket For the Entire Theme Park Perimeter For Thanksgiving of 2020! I Posted A Reply To This...
  10. Rocket Jockey

    NYSP trying Vertical Lightbars

    Those Are Like the "High Rise Lights" From the NYC Highway Patrol Cars From the Late 1980's! Early 1990's! These Were Invented by A Local New Yorker After A Collision Involving Several Police Cars At An Accident Scene In Brooklyn NYC! You Guessed It! A Truck Collided Into the Police Cars that...
  11. Rocket Jockey

    Running JBV1 through a secondary phone

    Great Thread! AWESOME Information! Well Done!...
  12. Rocket Jockey

    Android and V1 G2...necessary?

    E V E R Y T H I N G!... The V1 Gen2 Without the JBV1 Is Useless! We Are NOW! In An Information Society! With NEW Motion Cams Popping Up ALL OVER the Highways! And Byways! LEO's Are Electronically Connected To ALL Available Notifications of Your Movements! Think of It This Way! We NOW Live In...
  13. Rocket Jockey

    Detection to turn off in the USA

    Hey! Geoorlando17! MRCD & MRCT Is Now Being Used by Epcot Center! And! Disney World! They're Used On the Fallowing Roadways; Buena Vista Dr / Epcot Center Dr / World Dr / Osceola Pkwy & Vista Blvd! The Cameras Are Housed Inside Palm Trees! On the Side of the Roads! The Cameras [email protected]@K Like...
  14. Rocket Jockey

    Uniden R3 - Just one person's first impressions

    There Was A Writeup On reddit About the Testing by Uniden On the R9. It's the R7! With A Remote LCD Screen! With Dual Antennas Housed In A Weatherproof/Hi-Temperature Case-Front! And A Rear Mount Antenna For the Back of the Windshield! No Word Yet If the Rear Antenna Is Dual! or, Single Ant...
  15. Rocket Jockey

    Uniden R3 - Just one person's first impressions

    Happy New Years! You Are 100% Correct! I Got Rid of My R7-($200-Loss) And! R3 Radar Detectors! Both! Are Useless In The NEW ECM LEO Environment! Without An App Aiding! And Assisting Your Survival In Electronic Warfare! Worst! The R9! Is No Different! Why Even Bother!!! That's Where ALL Uniden...
  16. Rocket Jockey

    Received Redline 360C Yesterday

    Radar Detectors Are Not Illegal In Minnesota! Nor In California! Having Anything Mounted On Your Windshield Is! And! Because It's Illegal To Have Anything Mounted On Your Vehicles Windshield, They, In Minnesota! And California Can Legally Seized Your Radar Detector!!! And! or, Anything Else...
  17. Rocket Jockey

    Received Redline 360C Yesterday

    1st! Get Your Upper Windshield Tinted! Depending On Your Vehicles Glass, 6 To 8-Inches Long! ↓ Down From the Top! Then, Have Your Tint Guy-(Tinter Isn't A Word) Bow the Tint! Banana Shape It To the Drop Line Corners! The Inverted T Shape [ ┴ ] Markers In the Corner of Your Windshield! Yep...
  18. Rocket Jockey

    Radenso Theia Update Dec 2020 - Discussion thread

    Didn't Want To Be An Instigating Operator! And! Be the "1" To Say, "I Told You So"! Proper Testing! Tweaking! Adjusting! Modifying! And! Redesigning! Actual Launch Date? End of March? Mid April? May? or June? If That!!! Guess dem Pro M's Are Back In the Running For Defending Against...
  19. Rocket Jockey

    V1 Gen2 Concealed Display Arrived Today!

    I'm Having It Installed Over the Weekend! When I Get A Chance To Run It At Night, I'll Send the Video To Vortex, So, He Can Post It On His YouTube Channel!
  20. Rocket Jockey

    V1 Gen2 Concealed Display Arrived Today!

    As Promised! Arrived Today! V1 Gen2 FULL Color Slim CD! And! V1 Gen2 FULL Color OEM-CD! CD-Concealed Display. At Night! The Green Warning Vertical Indicator Bars Are Bright! And! Crisp! Gets Your Attention Real Quick! The Next 2-Vertical Warning Bars, Are A Mustard Yellow! More Like A...