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    Software update do I need to do anything else?

    Just did the March 2021 update, do I need to reset or re-push config to the device after upgrading firmware?
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    Two 5.0's race right by a cop

    Was leaving a car event last weekend and had a 5.0 that wanted to run me. I was driving while eating so I smiled and held up my burger. He pulls up next to another 5.0 and they slow down to about 30.....I got a front row seat to this one.... they both take off and haul azz right by a cop coming...
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    Ok got the front heads mounted, now...

    Okay, I got the front heads temporary mounted with fun tac (like credit card glue), my sugru adhesive just arrived from Amazon. After I align and test this location I will use the Sugru. I got the wires run through the firewall and ran them along the console as someone else suggested. Now got to...
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    Any Way to test heads with car parked?

    With the new software the Heads wont fire unless going above a certain speed, this makes it difficult for me to align and verify with a camera that the heads are firing. Does anyone know if there is a maintenance mode or a way to bypass the minimum speed requirement?
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    Why can't heads be mounted inside to glass?

    I picked up a PL3 to test with. I am able to get speed from vehicles from inside my car shooting through the glass. Is there a reason the heads cannot be mounted inside the car to the windshield or back window?
  6. Sky1

    How do you know if it worked?

    How do you know if an ALP actually blocked their reading? 1612278030 Also, I actually need a front parking sensor to protect my front splitter. Can I mount an RX head low to alert me of the curb distance?
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    How much does a speeding ticket affect insurance?

    Does anyone know how much a speeding ticket affects the cost of your insurance each year? I think a speeding ticket is like 3 or 4 points but not sure how much that affects the premium. Can you guys give me a roundabout figure? Trying to justify a AntilaserPriority
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    Has anyone seen K or X hit in this area and where?

    I have X off and thinking about turning K off. I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw a K hit Have you seen a K band hit and where was it?
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    Should a Ka antenna from a Golden Eagle Kustom get hot?

    I was just testing a Golden Eagle Kustom, old one, is it normal for that Ka antenna to get a bit hot?
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    Can I use an old phone for WAZE and Radar only?

    hey guys, my new car has Wi-Fi built in. Was thinking on taking my old cellphone and using it for WAZE and Radar detection only. Mouting it in my car somewhere somehow. My question is, how do I power this thing. I want it to go off when I shut off the car and back on when I restart it Has...
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    What mode should I use when on the highway?

    I have been comparing my Gen1 to my Gen2 and so far the Gen1 has beat it on 2 out of 3 detections. One to the point where Gen 2 would not have saved me. What mode should I be using on the highway? Do I need to put it in A mode? There was a Ka radar doing IO. My Gen1 alerted very loud two beeps...
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    Can someone please explain?

    I have a V1 in EU mode with Custom sweeps, K band was off at the time. I got a weak Ka hit (twice) and that's it, was the officer beaming oncoming traffic and I only got a reflection? Was he doing instant on? Was he using one of those new mode radar units? This was North Carolina See Video
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    2016 Mazda 6 and CX5 GT Models already have two cameras

    The new 2016 Mazda 6 and CX5 Grand Touring models already have dual cameras. There is one in the front to support the Activesense LED Headlights and one in the back for the reversing camera. If I could tap into those I think all I would need to do it feed that to my DVR which could be hidden...
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    2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring - Sets off Laser

    I just purchased a new 2016 Mazda 6, awesome car and has some great technology. The car is like the Batmobile, it has 2 radars, 2 camera and 1 laser. With my V1 installed loaded up with Custom sweeps all is fine except for laser. This is from the Smart City Brake support that stops the car if...
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    Not fully installed yet but I do have this!
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    Paired to V1C but Yav1 does not see V1

    Anyone have any idea of why YaV1 would not see my Valentine 1? I got it paired up but says not connected.
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    New V1 Just arrived about to go test

    Had my V1 delivered to my work. I will be comparing it at lunch time against my older non-ESP V1. Any suggestions of what I should test? I drove by a CVS and a K band speed sign yesterday so will replicate that but not sure what else to try. Want to compare them before listing my old one on...