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  1. bhrodeoaz

    Heres a awsome read..
  2. bhrodeoaz

    Tested a BMW M4 and got PT.

    Vehicle Tested: 2016 BMW M4 System: ALP Front: 2Rx 1Tx, Rear:2Rx 1Tx Lidar Gun: LTI Marksman 20/20 Test Course: Roughly 770 ft straight run with a slight curve. Red pin on the pic is where i shoot from. So I met up with a new member from here in Az and tested his ALP. Shooting with the lidar...
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    Uniden R7 update is up

    The uniden website shows the 133.141.113 update available for the R7. 1602804732 1602804897
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    Christmas came in May LOL

    Finally got a new RD after i sold my R3. Been waiting to get this one.
  5. bhrodeoaz

    Highway radar +R3+ Median Canble barrier= Laser save!

    So I was headed home today from work. I was running the Highway radar app along with my R3. I got the heads up on Highway Radar , then my R3 went laser full tilt. AZ DPS was hidden somewhat.
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    Oaklahoma R3 users?

    Im doing a week long trip from AZ to OK. What are the Ka Segments the OK users are using?
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    Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

    So the wife and I were at the auction and walking through the tents I came across this Aston-Martin with what appears to be an older k40 system still in it. The heads were lined up with the curveature of the front end. Not flat and level to provide protection IF ANY.
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    Radar Pollution on I-10 in AZ.

    I was headed out of phx this moening going to nogales for work. There are $hit load of speed signs along both sides of I-10 between Phx and tucson. A biggee concentration of them between Casa Grande and Tucson. Gotta love the rational thinking that took. I noticed in sime locations you will...
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    Finally found a redflex mobile unit.

    This is my first encounter with FW 1.48 on my R3. City of El Mirage, Az.
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    MRCD detected in scottsdale

    I was just cruising around in scottsdale , az and my r3 detected MRCD. First time i seen that.
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    R3 strikes again....

    I left a food joint tonight here in phx, and was cruising down the freeway, vetween 100-106, PSL 65.... in the hov lane. A lexus comes right up to me passenger side. My ride is a 09 ram, tuned with a custom HP Tuner tune i did myself, stacked with a pedal commander. Anywho...first alert i get...
  12. bhrodeoaz

    Been 1 year since I bought my R3, my final thoughts??

    So its been a year with the R3 and the sticky cup mount stuck to my windshield and never taken down. Is how I will start my final review of my own personal experience with my R3. Go back a year ago pre-divorce days after my V1 got stolen. I bought a brand new R3 from radar busters and stuck it...
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    I figure try here

    Greetings all, its been awhile since i posted here. Been on a hietus with work and my last truck getting broken into. I finally broke down and bought an R3 last night. I have seen the videos Vortex has put together regarding programing, filtering, etc... Out of the last few batches of R3s to be...
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    Updated MAX 360 fails to detect a k band mobile photo enforcement van

    So I spotted this Redflex van that is ran by the city of phoenix with a AGD 340 radar. I ran my max 360 which I updated last night and well the video speaks for itself. Max 360 settings--HWY, X band off, K and Ka on... V1 settings are custom sweeps, X band off The max 360 did not detect the...
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    Had an odd encounter today, seeing if its a popular one

    So i am driving around phx, got ky segged redline 2,5,6,7,8. Redline running Ka band only, along with a v1 custom swept. The odditity that happened was hooked up to v1c , v1 reported 35.566 , redline was dead quiet.
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    Torn between the IX (not the 9500ix) or the Max360

    So my other car which has a redline is being diverted to other purposes. Thus releasing the redline. Just puttin a feeler out there from those who have or have had the Max 360 vs. the IX? My truck has a v1 soon to along side a redline, so lookin for city driving experiences other members...
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    Phoenix area testing

    If your in the phx area and would like to do some testing. Send me a PM, and i will get back with you.
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    Lidar testing in AZ

    I am going to try and attempt to do some testing here in Az. I am lookibg for members who have contacts in phx, tucson, flagstaff areas who have jammers or know of shops who install jammers. I currently have a lti marksman 20/20 and a kustom signals radar K-band unit. I know that this is a...
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    Whats your callsign and class?

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    General question for those that may have tried?

    As most of the inter. and advanced members know that the newer redlines offer Ka segment capability. If you use the chart and enable 2/5/6/8 on the redline, and put them same freq. in a custom sweep on the v1. Has anybody seen any type of increase/decrease in v1 performance using the Ka inbox...