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  1. bhrodeoaz

    Uniden R7 Auto Lockout Firmware V1.35

    Whats weird is its not showing up on unidens website
  2. bhrodeoaz

    Arizona Road Trip

    As for sensors in the road the only places you will find those are at fixed RLC locations. The mobile photo enforcement vans/trailers you short burst k band radar. More commonly the AGD-340
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    Heres a awsome read..
  4. bhrodeoaz

    Arizona Road Trip

    Waze alongside highway radar with your R3, you will be fine. HOWEVER....a new law did go into effect. If you are seen by ANY leo with your phone in your dont matter if you just holding it, texting, talking , navigating or what have ya. It is a primary offense and you can be pulled over...
  5. bhrodeoaz

    What window tint setup do you run?

    5% Sunguard ceramic all the way around
  6. bhrodeoaz

    Greetings from Arizona

    welcome to the forum!
  7. bhrodeoaz

    Setup for southwest?

    Az runs low powered K band, 35 5 and 34.7 ALOT. You do occasionally run into 33.8 But not as much as the other 2 Ka bands. Like others have said run any of the apps that you. And segment your Ka band. 1608112671 Also in Nevada and OK they love their 33.8 ALOT as well
  8. bhrodeoaz

    Tested a BMW M4 and got PT.

    The member is gonna go through his car double check the wiring. I am hopefully gonna retest him after he goes through it and see how it goes.
  9. bhrodeoaz

    Tested a BMW M4 and got PT.

    Exactly...🤪 1607908998 My old ass gun you can jam with a tv remote. But to get PT with my gun I knew something was up.
  10. bhrodeoaz

    Tested a BMW M4 and got PT.

    The rear heads are level and straight confirmed with a 2ft level.
  11. bhrodeoaz

    Tested a BMW M4 and got PT.

    Front heads were solid again , the rear PSTL the system was able to jam up close, but from CM and DSTL I was getting punch through 1607905393
  12. bhrodeoaz

    Tested a BMW M4 and got PT.

    Pic of the rear install coming
  13. bhrodeoaz

    Tested a BMW M4 and got PT.

    I have a video that my wife took, and i had the guy on my speaker phone and you can hear the system acknowledge the shot and then you hear me say , Gotcha!. But the video format the my wifes Iphone11 saves in isnt supported.I got video of it.
  14. bhrodeoaz

    Tested a BMW M4 and got PT.

    I am going to assume the FW is current. I have tested other systems that jam the hell outta my gun. And I agree with this setup it should be JFG/JTG all day. Without completely tearing apart the car to get to the cables which he didnt want to do today, he will take care of it when he gets home...
  15. bhrodeoaz

    Tested a BMW M4 and got PT.

    Vehicle Tested: 2016 BMW M4 System: ALP Front: 2Rx 1Tx, Rear:2Rx 1Tx Lidar Gun: LTI Marksman 20/20 Test Course: Roughly 770 ft straight run with a slight curve. Red pin on the pic is where i shoot from. So I met up with a new member from here in Az and tested his ALP. Shooting with the lidar...
  16. bhrodeoaz

    Uniden R7 MRCD is surprisingly very good

    It does very well with the MRCD detection. On the picture that is posted the radar antenna is just below the camera housing. Here in AZ, Redflex mounts the radar antenna on top of the the camera housing.
  17. bhrodeoaz

    Goodbye X1 hello M3TH

    a bimmer to a mazda?? I would have gone with at least a q3 or q5.
  18. bhrodeoaz

    So those who had an R3 and now an R7, what's you opinion on size/weight difference?

    I had my R3 for a year in my ram on the suction cup mount here in AZ. Then sold it and got an R7 and have not had any issues with it on the windshield. It is bigger , but not really a noticeable amount as to weight. IMO--- I like my R7 when compared to the R3 and the V1G1. I have owned 4- V1G1s...