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    Ka band detection

    Tested out the new fm I wanted to see the arrows switching and detections Second clip I wanted to see how good it was with the officer facing away and wanted to see the arrow switching Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 1605305865
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    V1 gen2 vs ka

    Difficult detection 1603473163 Wanted to see if switching lanes would make a difference
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    Trying a different location for my v1 gen2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Vg2 werid alerts

    when I get a ka alert it will do a weird alert sound a letter will show up like a u are a half a something like that
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    V1 gen 2 Question

    I have a question i drive a Ford explore 2019 And I have my v1 gen2 mirror mounted mirror tapped when I put my car in reverse it shuts off until I put in drive are Neutral it comes back why is that I thought maybe because it’s a safety feature on my car I have back up camera so maybe it wants...
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    480i range

    Testing the 480i
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    Cobra 480i

    Just got it
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    detection cr97

    what do y’all guys think cop lights came on on the left side
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    Ka band hit

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    Max360c 1.6 firmware

    max360c firmware is out 1.6
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    Whistler CR95 now on Whistler's website

    is the whistler cr 95 old our new radar because it’s on its website
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    Max360c firmware 1.5 is out

    firmware 1.5 is out for the max360c
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    New firmware 1.3 is out for the max360c
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    R3 testing on the fly
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    R3 testing on the fly
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    R3 radar detector R3

    GPS going crazy setting I one spot
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    R3 radar detector R3

    R3 radar testing
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    Card anyone tell me what kind of radar this Is
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    R3 bench testing laser VS cobra rad450 rear