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  1. Z06fan

    POP in NC on I-85 in Trinity/Archdale/HP (exits 108-111)

    We see a lot of 35.5 in NC and we're all happy to see the NCHP moving to more 34.7, but don't see much/any 33.8 which is why some of us are wondering about it possibly being another detector giving you the false POP alert. The world is full of surprises and stranger things have happened so let...
  2. Z06fan

    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    Every time I walk into Disney or Epcot, I look around wondering where the detection systems are, LOL. One of the scariest briefings I ever listened to was when I was at the DIA. We had a briefing from someone from the CIA cover soft targets in the US, including the the ease of "bad guys" putting...
  3. Z06fan

    Hello from Cochrane, AB (and a few questions)

    Welcome to the forum and back to detectors @tucker98. Probably the biggest changes we deal with since you used detectors last are the BSM systems in newer vehicles which cause a lot of k band falsing. This newer detectors do a better job of filtering those falses. I/O's been used for a long...
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    Hello from Hungary

    Welcome to the forum @KIYOjammer. Great to have you with us!
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    New acct.

    Welcome to the forum @b2flyer23. Glad to have you with us!
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    POP in NC on I-85 in Trinity/Archdale/HP (exits 108-111)

    ^^^ I'm with @Kennyc56. I've never seen POP in NC and I can't even recall the last time I was hit with 33.8. I think you possibly have something else going on to give you that warning. You might want to post in the Escort section to see if anyone else has experienced that with the RL360c.
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    Welcome to the forum @Delbert!
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    Nice to Meet Everyone

    Welcome back (2012!) @delviacv2. I think you made a good choice by not installing the 9500. I have a Bel STiR (essentially same unit) and it's too noisy for modern day vehicle BSM systems. In order to get a detector that won't drive you insane, you almost have to upgrade to one of the newer...
  9. Z06fan

    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    Interesting. Are they doing any type of enforcement on those roads or are the systems for another purpose? I'm guessing that the Disney parks and property (with the help of the gov't) have the most intricate security systems in the world because it would be considered a high value target. I'm...
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    Hello from Florida

    Welcome to the forum @scoobylovesjazz. We're glad to have you with us. A lot of us drifted away from detectors due to job, family, etc., but many of us drifted back. The biggest change has been the BSM systems that have rendered old detectors almost useless. The new ones, including the R7...
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    Long time lurker, first post

    Welcome to the forum @Davidc18. Glad to have you with us. I have the same set-up in my Honda Odyssey. I still really like my STiR+ but had to move it to Ka only to avoid the constant chirping from BSM's. Like the Redline O, it's still a great detector. I'm assuming if you need to have a remote...
  12. Z06fan

    Atlanta Engineer looking to make laser jammer for under 200$

    LOL, you probably have most of us beat. My last ticket was 1986 (ironically by the NCHP) while traveling back to Ohio from Myrtle Beach. I miss youth except for the parts sitting in a patrol car :).
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    Hello from Chicago

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    new user

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    Howdy from the Peg

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    Yet another newb.

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    Hello from the great up north !

    Welcome to the forum @John RD. We're glad to have you with us!
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    Pro M falling behind the competition?

    Excellent points and analysis. The Pro M is a reasonable choice for certain locations (Canada for example) but I've never understood it's appeal for a majority of the US Market. I really considered my Pro M to be pretty equivalent to my Escort Max 2. They both have average range, decent BSM...
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    Hello I am Nick

    Welcome to the forum Nick.
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    Toronto speed cameras

    Yeah, they catch-up with you. I rented a car in Europe a few years ago, About 2 months after I got back to the US, I received one in the mail from the rental car company that was written in French. Apparently, a camera got me during the short trip I made into France. I hope it doesn't compound...