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  1. 87GN

    Stoplight 0-60 fun in the GN!

    I took the GN out from underneath the car cover. I ran a few errands during the day. I asked my son (18 yo, HS Senior) if he wanted to go for a spin. We picked up some denatured alcohol for the alky injection and its time to play! Not a great video, but the boy filmed it on a whim. No power...
  2. 87GN

    Symphony of someone's destruction!

    Spent the weekend playing with my girls! Spent some time with the black mistress and the sassy redhead! They both satisfy my need for speed and remembering the 80's! The black mistress is chill, until she's not! Start feeding her alcohol & 24# of boost and she can get sideways in a hurry! The...
  3. 87GN

    Finally ran into someone with Jammers!

    Windshield guy came out to my house to install new glass in my wife's Expedition. I noticed he had a V1 on the visor of his van. He also had a RL-O on the console. I joked to him that he needed a set of jammers. He said "I have Anti Laser Priority jammers on the front grill. " I just about shit...
  4. 87GN

    Easy V1 Gen. 2 upgrade

    Upgraded from FW18 to 19 on the V1 Connection app today! Super easy and fairly quick! Thanks VR! Now both detectors have FW 19!
  5. 87GN

    Best looking COP car?
  6. 87GN

    1966 Washington State Patrol w/ Speedalyzer Radar

    Saw this cool old Ford cop car. Has Stephenson Analyzer analog radar gun. @Vortex @Jag42 hide @Kennyc56 @erickonphoenix
  7. 87GN

    E500 Prank! Hellcat blower whine😉!

    My son will be a Senior next year. Him and a few of his friends are finally getting into cars. He told one of his buddies I put a supercharger on my E500 (I wish🤣). His buddy said "No way!" My son takes a clip of him driving my E500 and audio dubs a Hellcat under acceleration! I wish it sounded...
  8. 87GN

    2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Install?

    Picking up daughter's 2019 Sahara tomorrow. Going to start with a dual TMG front only. No Dragons in West Texas. Ultralyte LRB is main local gun. Maybe Stalker XLR/RLR if you run into a DPS Trooper running laser, which is rare in our area. I have an Ultralyte LR to test with. Appreciate...
  9. 87GN

    A Question about Arrows?

    I've noticed there is a secondary arrow pointing to the right, while the main arrow is pointing ahead. Sometimes the secondary arrow will move and match the primary arrow and then move to the side again. What is the exact function of the secondary arrow? I must have missed that day of class🤪...
  10. 87GN

    Valentine Research could open May 1st.

    Saw this article.
  11. 87GN

    V1GEN2 [not] open for business

    Valentine site looks open for business!
  12. 87GN

    Car & Bike Porn

    Well.....Even though I'm still making train trips, I'm kinda going stir crazy. My wife is teaching from home and she's kinda stir crazy too. So I try to stay out of her way during school hours. So I've been playing with my 3 girls! My loud and obnoxious "Redhead", my "Black Mistress" and my...
  13. 87GN

    Coronavirus relief! Burn some rubber!

    Took my son for a ride in my 1980 Z28. Built 355 w/4-speed tranny. Third gear scratch! Video is grainy, but y'all will get the point! Fun!
  14. 87GN

    Can't connect to V1 app?

    I reloaded V1 app off of play store and I can't connect to V1 app. Has it not been updated? I can connect thru dongle, but it looks like the old app. What am I missing? @Jag42
  15. 87GN

    V1.2 question?

    I run android phone. How do I upgrade to custom sweeps to eliminate falses?
  16. 87GN

    Killer Combo: V1.2/JBV1/TMG

    This should really be a great combination for my area in Texas! I will need the extra range that the V1.2 should offer for my more open terrain. JBV1 now offers more distance on alerts. Ultralytes and Stalkers are the popular lidar guns in my part of the state! I have my "system" set up to cut...
  17. 87GN

    V1.2 settings?

    I always ran my V1 in Euro mode with custom sweeps. I was looking at picture of quick start manual for new unit. Can someone give some insight to 1) All Bogeys Mode 2) Logic and 3) Advanced Logic. I always ran custom sweeps.
  18. 87GN

    R7 & strange K band alerts. Opinions?

    Driving I-27 from Lubbock to Amarillo this morning about 5am. Once I got out on the open road, I started getting random K band alerts. They would never ramp up over 4 bars. Mainly front antenna, but a few transitioned to rear. The main frequency was 24.155 and a few were 24.233. Traffic was...
  19. 87GN

    Real world Max 360c opinions needed!

    Hey Guys and Gals! I recently picked up a used Max 360c. It was running on 1.5 fw. I updated it to 1.11 fw. I've just been trying to get a feel for it in town and on the highway. I haven't pushed more than about +10 PSL. Just for a little background, I have owned two 8500s, a 8500x50, Redline O...
  20. 87GN

    R7: K band impressed me today!

    I bought a R7 on Black Friday. I have a R1 & R3 already, but couldn't pass up $375 for a brand new R7! Anyway, headed out on my 2 hour interstate commute to work. I was taking it easy at 82 mph and got a K band sniff. No BSM offenders near, so I dropped below 80 mph and started looking. I kept...