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  1. TechnoRave

    R7 - K Band 25.200 ghz

    Twice I have seen my R7 detect or display K Band 25.200 ghz. Sorry no pictures to show as the first time yesterday I thought I was seeing things. But it just happened again and I couldn’t Take picture fast enough. It’s on K Narrow with K Block on and K Filter on. Latest FW. Thoughts? 25.200...
  2. TechnoRave

    Uniden R7 Issues Only with Firmware Version 122.123.111 Only

    All wanted to start a new thread that hopefully won’t get out of hand of issues with the Uniden R7 with the current FW of 122.123.111 for @UnidenSupport and others to pass along to Uniden My only issue and it’s more maybe Uniden Tweaking are the arrows. Other than that for me, I’m happy with...
  3. TechnoRave

    Uniden R7 Manual GPS lockouts

    I can see why Mr. Valentine is against GPS lockouts. Luckily in town I do the PSL. But during a stretch of highway where there are automatic door openers that like to sit K 24.140 - 24.160, I would go in the parking lot and mute them out. Well on my way home, I just happen to look up and see...
  4. TechnoRave

    Just curious if these Scratches on the Front Horn Cover affect Usability on a R3 like Range or Sensitivity?

    See attached pictured. Just curious. I know there is going to be wear and tear, but wasn't sure if these kind of scratches affect anything at all . Thanks Guys!
  5. TechnoRave

    Hello From Hurricane Michael Land of the Gulf Coast of FL #850Strong - New R3 Owner!!!

    Hey All, Just got a new R3, from a local Best Buy. First Radar Detector in 20 Years. Used to own Escort 8500 and a V1 in the Late '90s. Had a itch to see what's new on the Market, and checked out Vortex Radar videos, as I was looking at Escort again, or V1, seen V1 hasn't changed body much...