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  1. Sommelier

    A detector for the Gatso Millia?

    The inboard radars used by the French police are Gatso Millia. Is it a challenge for regular detectors (not sure whether it's low power or not)?
  2. Sommelier

    JTK with the privacy key

    I read many threads mentioning the concern for killing after you've reached the PSL, the fact you can't do it with the WiFi module when you're using Bluetooth and it's hard to fiddle with your phone in the heat of the moment and so on. That made me wonder: if you're using the privacy key, would...
  3. Sommelier

    Old video with infrared imaging

    Again, I'm only a recent enthusiast so I don't know if the video is well-known already but I found it cool to have the thermal imaging (allowing us to see that most punch-throughs happen when the heads stop jamming for a fraction of a second):
  4. Sommelier

    Stealth power-up: using a reed switch and a magnet

    After the inconspicuous buttons and morse code, I came up with this. The neodymium magnets are extremely powerful and the reed switches pretty sensitive so you could hide the latter under a plastic part and still activate it with the magnet. There I light up the orange LED for demonstration...
  5. Sommelier

    Ever wondered if you could cut your car in two lengthwise?

    Well, you can: God bless America.
  6. Sommelier

    Parking sensors on a bike and leveling

    I'm just thinking out loud here. Knowing a bike has much more suspension travel than a car, I was wondering if it could be so important that it would jeopardize your leveling during breaking. In that case, would it be smart to put them on the front fender rather than the fairing?
  7. Sommelier

    The reason of the region lock

    Other that segmented marketing, is there a reason why you wouldn't be able to flash a EU firmware on a US setup or vice-versa?
  8. Sommelier

    Stealth power-up: using morse code

    To continue with the series started on Monday, I'm sharing a new idea in the same spirit. This time, we're using a photoresistor as input (you can place it about anywhere you want in the cabin, possibly behind a smoked screen or in the footwell) and morse code to activate it. Since my...
  9. Sommelier

    Stealth idea: using inconspicuous buttons to switch your RD on and off

    While I don't have much RD experience, I wanted to do something for the community (once you're done reading the characteristics of the new Uniden for the tenth time, that is :D). Since I have an engineering background and am pretty versed into stealthiness, I thought I'd show you how to turn...
  10. Sommelier

    *Jammed* code

    At 2:27, the LaserPatrol shows a jammed code. I know it's an older video but I thought it was worth mentioning. In your recent testings do the stinger throws any jam code?
  11. Sommelier

    Flashing back at the speed camera

    I've had thoughts about the noPhoto-type systems so I'm sharing it here although I don't have any interest in such system myself. Starting point: the noPhoto flashes at the camera when it detects a camera flash to overexpose the picture. Problem: if a law enforcement officer witnesses that...
  12. Sommelier

    Remote head behind metallic paint?

    I read it's better not to put the radar detector head behind metallic paint but has there been testing of it? Is it better than honeycomb grill, for instance?
  13. Sommelier

    Why Three Heads?

    I'm sorry if it's been explained in details already but I didn't find it so...I'm asking :D I understand you need to increase the number of heads with the size of the car to get a good coverage but it's unclear to me why you need 2 or 3 heads to defeat this or that gun. Are the three heads...
  14. Sommelier

    Genevo Assist vs. Stinger

    It's in German but I couldn't find much information on the Genovo assist, so I'm sharing this: They did like it!
  15. Sommelier

    Retractable heads?

    I'm surprised I haven't seen that on any install (yet). Has anyone made the head pop up or fold/unfold?
  16. Sommelier

    Fog light sensors

    I saw them mentioned on the ALP website: One thing is unclear: are they used as RX only (which would be a bummer)? If I get it correctly, the point is to hide the emission of laser infrared light, so they should be emitting as well...
  17. Sommelier

    Stinger DSI vs. Card vs. VIP

    I guess I'm hoping for answers from European (possibly French) guys more than anything but everyone's opinion is welcome. I was wondering how much the VIP was an improvement over the DSI for radars (again, I know the DSI was crap in North America but I'm pretty far away :D). Seeing some DSIs...
  18. Sommelier

    Legacy mode and Arduino

    When I was a little boy, I thought that, growing up, I'd own a bimmer, a V1 and a StealthOne (videos below if you don't know what that is). Today, I have the bimmer and the V1 but the SteathOne is not manufatured anymore (and wasn't compatible with my car anyway). There's an eastern Europe...