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  1. jestric

    Chicago Tribune - Buying Guide for Best Radar Detectors 2020

    For your entertainment and enjoyment. ;) You won't believe what RD they chose as the "Best of the Best". Chicago Tribune - Buying Guide for Best Radar Detectors 2020
  2. jestric

    Escort Redline 360C (RL360C) Open Issues and Feature Requests

    RDF Escort RD360C owners, I'll start the ball rolling on a separate thread that deals exclusively with open issues and feature requests for the RL360C. This thread will be managed by @croup (who graciously volunteered his time) and it should be a real help to @JSherbondy and others at Cedar...
  3. jestric

    Blendmount Installation for RL360c

    I purchased and installed a Blendmount for my RL360c and wanted to give a shoutout to @blendmount for designing, producing and selling such an excellent product. The build quality is second to none and the installation was very simple and straightforward. It looks absolutely great in my wife's...
  4. jestric

    Outstanding Customer Support

    I wanted to share my experience with Cedar Electronics (Escort) Customer Service which was outstanding. After purchasing my RL360c from another member on RDF, I wanted to transfer the registration from his account to mine. I called yesterday at about 9:35 AM and was the 5th caller in the caller...
  5. jestric

    New RL360c Owner

    This afternoon I drove down towards Orlando and met @ivan911fl to pickup the RL360C that I purchased from him. @ivan911fl is a first class gentleman and the RL360C was as advertised. Thank you my friend for an outstanding transaction. I drove back to St. Augustine with the new RL360C mounted...
  6. jestric

    July 1987 Popular Mechanics Comparison of 10 Radar Detectors

    While searching Google, I found the following article from the July 1987 Popular Mechanics magazine in which they compared 10 "pocket-sized" RDs against the the full-size Escort. Enjoy...
  7. jestric

    Pioneer SDA-BS900

    I noticed an ad on Facebook today concerning the Pioneer SDA-BS900. This is their flagship aftermarket BSM solution for cars without that capability currently installed. Now there’s possibly another false RD alarm to worry about. 😉...
  8. jestric

    Hello from St Augustine, FL

    Hello all, I have been enjoying the plethora of knowledge on this forum as a guest and decided to take the plunge and become a member. I currently own a Uniden R7 and I’m thinking about possibly purchasing another Radar Detector for my other car.