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  1. brettzo

    Uniden R7 VPR LIDAR Testing on 1.33 (video)

    I had the chance to get out and do some LIDAR testing with my Uniden R7 running the latest 1.33 firmware with added VPR gun support and I have to say that Uniden has done an incredible job improving detection on both the DragonEye and Laser Ally guns over 1.29, where my detector was previously...
  2. brettzo

    Max 360c Testing and Impressions

    I picked up a Max 360c on sale last week (still expensive) to put in to my daily driver to quiet things down a bit while driving around the city. Coming from an R7 used daily since last January, I wanted to try something new and though I was leaning toward a RL360c it showed poor MRCD...
  3. brettzo

    MRCD Performance v1.29

    The other night I noticed an MRCD truck on one of our major roads (speed limit of 80km/h). Not a peep until well past the threat. Not in line with other testing I've seen and thought I'd post. I'm running the latest 1.29 firmware (K block/TSF on) and though I have come across a couple of these...
  4. brettzo

    R7 First Impressions

    From a long time V1 user this detector, at least on paper had everything that I was looking for in an RD. All features I was hoping Valentine would eventually release in a V2 as a loyal user for over 13 years. Integrated GPS with speed cam and RL data base, 10MHz lockouts on K band, low speed...
  5. brettzo

    Waze without data connection

    I am trying to use Waze on GPS only and although I can see RL/speed cam locations I am not receiving any audible alerts. I can see them on the app, however not getting any sound. I have checked my settings and have sound being sent to phone speaker at full volume. Anyone know if using without a...
  6. brettzo

    GPS Lockout Restore

    I am trying to restore lockouts on a new device I will be using. I will be transferring the same V1 from car to car, however using a dedicated Android device with YaV1 for each to avoid having to mess around with too much when getting ready to go. Is it possible to load settings + lockouts to...
  7. brettzo

    199 km/h in a 100 km/h zone...

    Well, this certainly isn't the ideal way to start your driving record! I'm sure his parents were ecstatic.
  8. brettzo

    Redline First Impression from a V1 Zombie

    As a die hard V1 zombie, there was a lot of skepticism when I decided to try a Redline. Why I decided to try one, I'm sure not sure. Maybe something new, as I have been a V1 user for so long. The nostalgia of the Escort tones brought back times of my trusty 8500 X50. Not having used an Escort...
  9. brettzo

    TMF2 Testing Round 2 - Videos

    We had the chance to complete a more detailed TMF2 test today. We decided to record four runs, as follows: Run 1: TMF2 Off K Band Constant On Run 2: TMF2 Off K Band Quick Trigger Shots (sub 1 sec) Run 3: TMF2 On K band Constant On Run 4: TMF2 On K Band Quick Trigger Shots (sub 1 sec)...
  10. brettzo

    TMF2 Testing

    I upgraded to v1.85 a few months ago and have noticed significantly higher falsing on K band blind spot detection than I had been accustomed to with v1.8. In hearing that TMF2 can delay K alerts by up to 1 sec, I have been hesitant to activate and have been looking around and cant seem to find...
  11. brettzo

    YaV1 Alert Delay

    As of about 3 to 4 days ago I have noticed that YaV1 takes an additional 1-2 seconds to display the alert on screen. It had previously been instantaneous, but noticing a significant delay on v2.0.1. Anyone else notice this over the past few days?
  12. brettzo

    Wish I had Strobe Lights for Instances Such as These

    Not that this is a dash cam, but @Chromatic, Dukes, I figured you could appreciate this. Lol. This 10-15 km/h under PSL in the fast lane crap happens here every time that I drive. Good to see that some law enforcement aren't scared to tell drivers they're doing wrong! Guy in the video is...
  13. brettzo

    New YaV1 Beta Version Release Today

    I know it was mentioned in another string, but just spoke with Francky and the new YaV1 beta version will be released on Google Play today! Happy testing and be sure to provide feedback. You the man Francky!
  14. brettzo

    Cheetah C50 Category Issues

    I have been using the C50 for a short period of time (3 weeks) and have updated the North American database on my device. I had initially purchased the C50 to use in speed cam mode only to keep it quiet. Since the onset, the C50 has only alerted in all alerts mode. I have tested the device in...
  15. brettzo

    Task Manager App for Android/YaV1

    Does anyone use a good task manager app to define device actions based on vehicle start/stop? I have tried Llama, as shown in this video although having difficulty with it. There must have been a revision, as mine looks nothing like the video and isn't functioning correctly. Would be awesome to...
  16. brettzo

    Signal Strength Enhancements 3.872 Vs. 3.894?

    Wondering if anyone knows of horn enhancements since v3.872? In doing a quick K band test with a friend last week, we noticed that his 3.894 ESP was detecting K far in advance of my 3.872 on both front and rear CO shots. Not just a few hundred ft, but upwards of 1,500. It was significant enough...
  17. brettzo

    ALP Punch Through? Read First...

    I noticed a few posts across a couple of forums over the past few days around PT with the ALP. Although poor install, or defective product could be the issue, I thought that I would point out a funny story from a few weeks ago when Dukes and I had been testing. At the time, I had just...
  18. brettzo

    8.9/8.8 Head Compatibility

    I have an LI CPU from about 4 years ago (updated to 8.15) and one 8.8/8.9 head that I'm looking to use together for a dual. Anyone know if this will cause compatibility issues of any kind? Should I be running the same head version?
  19. brettzo

    Traffic Cam

    We have a few of these intersections in my city and have always wondered exactly what technology they utilize. I believe the roadway is equipped with a method of approximate speed calculation, followed by a pulse of Lidar from the half circle looking unit on the post to ensure accuracy and...
  20. brettzo

    8.15 Now Available!

    Just visited LI US. I have been out of the loop for a while, however noticed 8.15 update post today on the website. Time for some testing :) :)