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  1. v1fan

    Greetings From Grande Prairie Alberta

    Welcome - one of my job offers after school was in GP with Buckeye cellulose owned by P&G at the time. You are a hardy people for sure.
  2. v1fan

    Low-light camera options - Watec?

    ATN 4K xsight pro
  3. v1fan

    Which license plate countermeasures are you running?

    So hopefully not OT but one night this city cop in Smallsberry NC pulled me over for that. With an out of state tag he just wanted to chat I guess. I removed it while he told me how hard it is to tell what state tags are from at night and how his eyes are not so good. I thought damn if I...
  4. v1fan

    Any Iphone Users with a dedicated Android for JBV1?

    Yes, I've seen it with several Android devices. ...Maybe it has to tell google where it is before it tells its owner where they are...maybe?
  5. v1fan

    Possibility - Licence Plate Blocker

    Maybe just make the entire car disappear?
  6. v1fan

    How fast can you go without getting a ticket "New Jersey Edition"

    I assume this does not factor in that 25 zone was regarding a school zone or those 5 crosswalks in front of the Sr. center....?
  7. v1fan

    Bye, bye Volvo

    Had the Volvo, had the VW, had a boat ...Still have a convertible. Everyone should have had one of each. Once Volvo started using some one else's drive train for FWD <Renault I think>...then they suffered greatly. Next a Ford bailout and now the Chi-coms have them. Ford lost big time in...
  8. v1fan

    Scanners Still Useful?

    Thanks, at least with a move to P25 there is a chance.
  9. v1fan

    Scanners Still Useful?

    So I know that there does not exist a consumer grade scanner that can recieve the FL statewide system (Also in parts of PA I understand) but does it actually have an encription control plane? Really just curious...
  10. v1fan

    Redline 0 - Is it worth trying to fix? ....Been mulling over how to ask this.

    Excellent, so 1) It could be repaired and 2) Not an unreasonable price. You cannot get a pilot light replaced for that amount....Thanks
  11. v1fan

    Redline 0 - Is it worth trying to fix? ....Been mulling over how to ask this.

    So does anyone have experience with Escort playing "fair" with older units? There is an 80% chance they know what the issue is without cracking the box open....
  12. v1fan

    Redline 0 - Is it worth trying to fix? ....Been mulling over how to ask this.

    So my longtime friend has had the dreaded "Service Required" issue for about 2 years. Annoying but seemed until the last month to be usable with a power cycle. My question is if it is worth sending back to Escort ...? I know it is old and if they are just going to bench charge me into...
  13. v1fan

    Buffalo, NY -> Charlotte, NC. Any tips/tricks/routes/advice for this trip?

    Watch the entrance ramps and be aware +20 in VA and +15 in NC - the officer can at their descretion write you for a reckless. Safe travels!
  14. v1fan

    Become a beta tester

    Joined, thanks.
  15. v1fan

    Virginia I 77, 66(6) miles of revenue hell

    I second that. At least today a radar detector or parking sensor is an equipment violation in VA. At one time they confisicated the detector so things are always subject to change... That said, with all these locals being a bit short on tax revenues, I'd wager enforcement is on an upward...
  16. v1fan

    Virginia I 77, 66(6) miles of revenue hell

    Good report. You can also say the same thing for US 29 Danville VA north.
  17. v1fan

    2020 State of Tennessee K band/Lidar Locations?

    Regular routes I used to plot occurrance and technique. It would be great if we could all create an update capable spreadsheet that would serve your need. They are such creatures of habit... Unfortunately I've got nothing for you.
  18. v1fan

    Megathread for types of LEO vehicles to look out for?

    Seems like there is a thread or 3 around here but of course: Always look for the absence of roof rack kit on SUVs. Chargers with boy racer stuff are usually safe at least on the east coast however not in HI. States that use the Taurus - you can look for the extra key hole on the sort of...
  19. v1fan

    Escort as a company SUCKS

    Don't Belscort have participation here from members of their leadership team? Maybe they could/should be engaged, assist the community etc., etc.
  20. v1fan

    NZ Moving to zero tolerance speed limit enforcement

    A bit late however to your point, I created scatter plots when I was commuting 500+ miles (80.5k cm :) ) up and back during the work week. They are creatures of habit...