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  1. searay

    RL360C Firmware 1.6 Thoughts

    I use the same settings - HWY with K-notch on - and like you, I live in an area with KA & K band. I like using Hwy due to the fact that I have many streets that are 30mph or 35 mph and in Auto I wouldn't get the warnings I needed early enough. I keep in in frequency mode and every time I get an...
  2. searay

    Why Theia at a price point of $1000+ is not cost effective.

    Sounds like a little research into what technology is out there and how it works as well as a better understanding of the countermeasures out there and how they work is really what you need. Dumping more money on the latest tech is only half the battle, you need to understand what you're up...
  3. searay

    Regarding Update 1.6 Redline 360C.

    DTPro via Windows
  4. searay

    Regarding Update 1.6 Redline 360C.

    Funny, I updated mine and now I'm only getting a rear arrow and side arrows even when the known threat is in front of me. I've sent a video to Escort and I'm waiting to see what they say. My front arrow works, it just seems like my rear horn is too sensitive. Everything worked great on 1.4 so...
  5. searay

    RL360c v1.6 - Reactivity Testing - K & Ka Band

    That's what I'm afraid of - a new gun (or an old gun out of tune) when I travel so I agree, it's better to leave it alone. I'd rather have an alert to a BSM false then to not get an alert to a real threat. Sooner than later I'm confident Escort can dial the BSM filters in on the RL360c like they...
  6. searay

    RL360c v1.6 - Reactivity Testing - K & Ka Band

    What segment did you test/have on? Is segment 3 used in other states or is it safe to toggle that one off? I know 3 is 24.175 – 24.250 GHz which I don't see around here other than the BSM's. The majority of the LEO's here using K band fall in segment 1 & 2 so I'm safe to turn 3 off. However...
  7. searay

    RL360c v1.6 - Reactivity Testing - K & Ka Band

    Anyone segment K band? I see K band here in Kansas and I'm wondering if the reaction time would be better on K band if I were to segment? Most of the BSM's I receive are in the 24.2xx range and most of the K band threats are in the 24.110. I wonder if I toggle K narrow 3 to off if that would...
  8. searay

    Redline 360c Firmware v1.6 Release

    Thank you @JSherbondy and your Escort team! We all appreciate the updates and you listening to your consumers out here in the trenches. Keep the improvements coming in an effort to make the RL360C the top tier detector it should be.
  9. searay

    Max 360 vs 360c

    I know Escort purchased Cobra but what's the difference in product? Is is simply a name/branding thing or are the internal guts different?
  10. searay

    Redline 360c find

    Damn son...excellent purchase! Someone clearly didn't know what they had or simply didn't care. You just saved $300 off MSRP. Enjoy
  11. searay

    Redline 360c find

    Great find! Was there a detector in the box or did you just get a box?
  12. searay

    Best Buy Redline

    You're covered! That's a great combo
  13. searay

    Muscle memory and the RL360c

    It's still a great detector, just needs some fine tuning to get it 100% dialed in. You made a great choice and will enjoy your new toy.
  14. searay

    Max 360 vs 360c

    I agree with this as well. I will say I wish they incorporated the mag mount with the M360 as it is truly easier to take on and off.
  15. searay

    Escort Customer Service

    Your best bet is to call when they first open and opt for the call back. I've never waited "in line" and the call back is usually within 30-1 hour later.
  16. searay

    RL360c vs Max360 Ka-Band Reactivity Testing - Stalker

    Hopefully Escort is listening and has update 1.5 ready to be pushed out soon, this is not the reaction time I need with the RL 360c as my daily driver!
  17. searay

    Radenso Theia Update Dec 2020 - Discussion thread

    Great descriptive information for those of us that aren't on your level...thank you. Very cool thought from the Radenso team! And a good precursor to what we can expect. The anticipation continues.
  18. searay

    Redline 360c

    I'd be careful with 34.3, in my area some of the Stalkers drifted low in this range. Not sure why it's falsing on 35.8, do you have seg 10 off?
  19. searay

    Max 3 First Drives Review

    I am receiving several false Ka band alerts as well. I hope Escort has an update to remedy this sooner than later. I hate how they are quick to push things to market but are very slow to respond to the real world scenarios from all of us out here in the field. Not sure why they aren't as quick...
  20. searay

    Max 3 First Drives Review

    I'm experiencing the same. I purchased the Max 3 as a backup when I had to send my Redline 360c in for repair (was expecting a long turnaround time due to Covid). I like the sensitivity and range but like you, I'm getting Ka falses as well. I do think this is a nice detector and I like it's size...