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  1. hawkeye1680

    MRCD/MRCT in Missouri?

    Are any of my fellow Missourians seeing any MRCD/MRCT hits? By what I look up, it is being used in Illinois. With me being in STL, I'm wondering if I should turn on MRCD detection?
  2. hawkeye1680

    V1 Driver Auto Mute Confusion

    Moderators. Please delete this post. My original post has been moved to this discussion correctly.
  3. hawkeye1680

    V1 Driver Auto Mute to Zero?

    I’ve searched the forum and couldn’t find a result. Forgive me if duplicate, and point me in the direction of necessary. V1G2 running V1 Driver on latest iOS 14. I run all sounds through the car stereo speakers, not through HFP. Works great. When using Auto Mute in V1D, it is muting to zero...
  4. hawkeye1680

    Setting up with V1 Connection, but running daily with V1 Driver

    I'm coming from a Uniden R3. I'm making the switch, primarily because of bluetooth/app capability. Here's my questions... If I get initial settings adjusted in V1 Connection and pushed to the V1G2, will those settings still work when using V1 Driver? Or will V1 Driver take over all settings of...
  5. hawkeye1680

    Am I alone in wanting Uniden to utilize Bluetooth?!

    I can’t be the only one who also wants Uniden to use Bluetooth. Obviously they need to open the API, but this would give us options to app developers, notifications in our car’s speakers, etc... Jumping ship to the V1G2 is looking better and better. Am I wrong? I LOVE my R3, but it feels dated...
  6. hawkeye1680

    Hello! Long time lurker and motorcycle rider...

    Hello, My name is Tony, aka hawkeye1680. I've been a long time lurker of the forums, and love the community of radar detector enthusiasts. I'm also an avid motorcycle rider, and wanted to share how I utilize them together. @Vortex was just doing a live stream, and I questioned him. He asked to...