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  1. leesrt

    Stand alone JBV1 not starting with bluetooth

    On my last phone, Samsung Note10, my JVB1 would start when the phone connected to my cars BT. I upgraded phones to the Note 20 and now it doesn't work. I tried deleting the bluetooth connection on my phone and the car and then re-establishing the blue tooth connection. I then went into JVB1...
  2. leesrt

    JBV1 auto start not working with new phone

    I upgraded from my previous Samsung note 10 to a Samsung note 20. I have my JVB1 set up to auto start when my phone Bluetooth connects to my car. When I moved to the new phone it's stopped auto starting. I've deleted the Bluetooth connection to my car and then I upgraded from my previous Samsung...
  3. leesrt

    Considering getting a triple set up, placement - TMG

    Where would you place the heads on this front end. I indicated where I think they can go. The middle area is under a ledge.
  4. leesrt

    R3 display

    I have an R3 that I have replaced with an R7. It's about 2 years old and the display is pretty washed out. I want to keep it as a spare so was wondering if there was a practical way to replace the screen? I'm able to do it myself if there is a replacement screen or send it back to Uniden to...
  5. leesrt

    R7 heartbeat?

    Is there a feature or display type on the R7 where you can see how fast it's processing like you can with the R3's heart beat blink rate?
  6. leesrt

    Testing laser on R7

    I know laser detection on a windshield mount is pretty much useless but I would like to test my R7 to make sure it is at least trying to pick something up. What can I use to test the laser reception?
  7. leesrt

    Uniden customer support

    My experience so far. I shipped my R7 in for the dead rear antenna 7 days ago. I started asking for status on the 5th day and their rep sent me in email stating it takes 5-7 days to process. So I wait until the 7th day and now I'm told it takes up to 20 days to turn around. So as of now I...
  8. leesrt

    Offline settings

    Can anyone assist me with some good general settings for using in offline mode? I tried it for a little bit and the main thing I would like is To get the small 3-D map screen to show full screen if possible. Also the only real alert I want to get is for police out to 2 miles. I currently...
  9. leesrt

    R7 rear antenna issue?

    In no way have I done a thorough test however the last few Troopers and speed signs I've passed have shown strong front signal and then when I pass it fades and no side or rear indication. My prior RD was the R3 and prior to that was the Escort 360. My mount is center windshield to the left of...
  10. leesrt

    New R7 on the way, set it up like R3?

    My plan was to set the 7 up like my 3. Are there certain settings I should consider here in GA and FL?
  11. leesrt

    Best deals on R7

    Looking to get one now, any good deals?
  12. leesrt

    Sensitivity settings for BlackVue DR900

    I've been playing with mine a bit and it seems it doesn't take much to upset the up/down sensor. I currently daily a performance car so the suspension is a bit stiffer than your average car. I have my up/down set at 0, Side to side set at 2, and the front/back set to 2. It's the only settings...
  13. leesrt

    Blackvue 900 owners

    I just ordered the 900 to replace my 650. Can those of you who've been running this for a while offer some suggestions with the settings, segment size, etc.. I won't be using the cloud feature. I would like to use it as 1080P at 60FS. I like the smoother video and never had an issue with...
  14. leesrt

    Blackvue saves the day

    I got an accident report and citation reversed today based on video. I was originally charged with making an improper turn into a left turn lane but after viewing the video it was obvious the other driver was illegally using the left turn lane as his own personal passing lane. For the whole...
  15. leesrt

    Question about MRCD

    Now with MRCD active on my R3 I'm getting a lot of hits in this small GA town (Quitman). I grabbed a picture of the unit causing it. Is this MRCD? You can't see it in the photo but while I was under it I could see the silhouette of 2 round antenna inside the black square. The K band was 24107
  16. leesrt

    Is $599 to high for R7?

    I'm posting this poll to see what everyone else opinion is on this. I personally think its to much for what you are getting. I especially think they are making a mistake by angling the display for only right of driver mounting. To me that is foolish since a good portion of drivers like to...
  17. leesrt

    Quick question about BV 650S-2CH

    Is it possible to manually mark a recording from the camera buttons? Say something happens on the highway but doesn't set off an event in the recordings, can I manually create the event so it doesn't get recorded over?
  18. leesrt

    3M tape

    Have you guys found an easier way to get the backing tape off of 3M tape? I use it for so many things but always have a struggle trying to pull the backing tape off without destroying the actual tape itself. Is there a trick to doing it other than picking at it for half an hour?
  19. leesrt

    Continued issues with BlackVue DR650-2CH

    I've been working with The Dashcam Store over the last 8 months or so on a recurring problem with my camera constantly going into the "check SD card" mode or resetting itself at random times. I've sent it to them twice and they stated they replaced the unit on the second shipping. I've tried...
  20. leesrt

    So how many threads can we open about the coming R3 update

    Is it possible we can delete a bunch of these and consolidate to one thread? Maybe call it "the official update tracking thread".