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    Autoguide's best RD of 2020 Look at these great modern RDs with amazing bsm filtering!
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    Cobra Dualpro 360 with Escort M1 dashcam bundle $539.99 @

    Costco sells these online for $539.99. Seems like it's a pretty good deal for a decent RD dashcam combo.
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    Where are all thr speed traps in PA

    Recently moved to PA from Idaho back at the end of May 2020. In Idaho I lived in a city that had an Idaho State Police Troop in it, also the HQ for the county Sheriffs was there and they also had their own city cops. Any time I wanted to experience radar speed traps I would just drive 2 min onto...
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    Whistler's next radar detector?

    Anyone have a prediction on what Whistler's next high end radar detector will be? It's been two years since the CR97 and we got nothing other than the mfu dash cam radar detector. I thought they were going out of business for a while because all of their RDs were out of stock for a few months...
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    Escort Live update available.

    For those of you using Escort Live, recently many android phones were updated to the latest Android version and there was a problem with escort live not running properly in the background after the Android update. Escort live would not be able to use GPS location information while it was run in...
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    Pro M firmware updates

    With Theia on the horizon will firmware updates for the Pro M stop? They recently rolled back FW 22 back to FW 19 due to laser falsing (now has 0 laser detection). I just bought the Pro M 5 months ago, I was hoping they would continue with FW updates considering it is one of their high end...
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    Any more FW updates for the Max II?

    I have two Max IIs and they are my favorite detectors to run as they are affordable and "set it and forget it." Are there any further planned FW updates for the Max II such as K Notch and MRCD MRCT detection? Its software seems similar to the Max 360 which received many of these updates so I'm...
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    Purchased a new Pro M will it be version RM079?

    I purchased a new Pro M off of Amazon from Radenso. Will they send me the Rm079 version or do they recycle older versions of the Pro M and send those as well?
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    Pro M VPR gun laser detection ability

    Does anyone know if the Radenso Pro M with the latest firmware update (which increases laser sensitivity) alerts to VPR guns specifically Truspeed S? I know someone tested it with a handheld laser tester with the truspeed S simulator but apparently the tester is defective for TSS simulation. Did...
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    Going to Kauai Hawaii for a week, what to expect from the fuzz.

    Hey everyone the wife and I are going to the Island of Kauai in Hawaii for a week on vacation (Tired of this Idaho winter). Do they run radar there or is it purely laser? I am renting a convertible and will probably be going around 10+ PSL. Need to know what to expect. If it's all lidar then I...
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    Will Whistler still make radar detectors?

    I went over to the Whistler website today and noticed that many of their radar detectors are sold out, including the CR97 and CR95 along with a whole bunch of lower end models. This along with their post from SEMA which shows none of their new products, makes me think Whistler might be leaving...
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    Does Beltronics Pro 500 detect Truspeed S

    Does anyone know if the Beltronics Pro 500 detects Truspeed S? I know the pro 300 does, and I know the Escort 9500ix does not. Since the Pro 500 is a hybrid between the pro 300 and 9500IX without auto learn, I wonder if it will detect TSS or not. Anyone know? I love old Bel detectors and I am...
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    Bel Pro 300

    I picked up this sweet, new condition Beltronics Pro 300 on Ebay for 60 bucks. I used it today for the first time after extensively running my Bel V995 M4 with TSR on for the last 2 weeks where I put over 2500 miles on the V995 in a rental car during a family vacation road trip. Compared to the...
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    Pro 300 Escort Live Lockouts?

    I just purchased a Beltronics Pro 300 off ebay for 63 bucks for nostalgia. I saw that it was escort live compatible if I purchase the live smart cord. Does anyone know if that will allow me to have GPS lock outs on the pro 300 when running live with my smart phone? I know this was possible in...
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    Bel Vector 995 TSR BSM filtering

    I have a M4 Beltronics Vector 995 with TSR that I started running again just for fun. I noticed that it is actually great at filtering out BSM with TSR on. The only cars that set it off are new Hondas on K band, pacificas, and only a rare GMC. Not all GM cars set it off, I was following behind a...
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    Laser sensitivity Max II vs Max 360

    Does anyone know how the laser sensitivity in the Max II with the latest firmware compares to the Max 360/360c. I was hit by laser this morning by Oregon State Police. I had waze running which alerted me to the speed trap and saved me from a ticket, but my Max II never alerted even though its...
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    Beware Costco sells outdated Max 2s

    So I purchased two Max 2s on because they were running a sale where they were selling new ones for $249.00. I got both in the mail new in box, and one of them did not have the magnetic mount while the other one did (one had the old school button mount). This was obviously very...
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    Cr 97 K/KA band BSM confusion

    Does anybody know if there is an actual solution to the CR97's constant confusion of K band BSM being reported as 33.8 Ka Band? My unit has decent BSM filtering with TFSR on but will always alert as Ka Band 33.8 to all Honda and Acura BSMs. The problem is, here in Idaho, the state police all run...
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    CR 97 Auto Filter Speed questions

    Do you guys know how the AFSPD feature works on the CR 97? I know it applies "max filtering" under a certain speed. But is this max filtering (x/k Filter 5 and Ka filter 5) and TFSR on? Or does it not alter the Ka filtering and just alter X/K filtering and not adjust TFSR? The manual does not...
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    CT State Police now have 34.7 Ka band

    I have been driving around CT for years and my best friend is a CT State Trooper. I would say 90% of the speed trap encounters involving the CT Staties are Laser usually Truspeed S. Two night ago I was coming back up a completely empty/desolate Route 8 North at 2 am from a long night shift in...