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    R7 Lock out issue

    I've got a couple places in town with a stray KA false. I've read the manual 5 times and tried everything I can and I can't seem to mark them so they auto mute for next time. The instructions say to push the mute button and then push it a second time while "Mute On" is displayed. When I do that...
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    First Road Trip with the R3

    Took my first road trip since getting my R3 installed and dialed in. From Northern CA to Eugene, OR and back last week. I'm really impressed with the performance. I'm running X/K Off, KA Narrow and it picked up every LEO using KA from way far enough to slow down if needed. The most impressive...
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    I'm in California. I've had an 8500x50 for ~13yrs and just upgraded to the R3. Still messing with the options to dial it in.