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    2.5.4 released

    OT, but my tigers vs your tigers will be an interesting game tomorrow! to bad its not a night game!
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    2 profiles, automatically

    incredible!!! Thank you!
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    2 profiles, automatically

    V1 settings, essentially I run with Laser, Ka, and K enabled (what I named All Bogeys mode.. I know not the true A that v1 uses, but I couldn't come up with a better name!) it would be preferred to her to just run with Laser and Ka. (which I call dark mode since it only lights up for very...
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    2 profiles, automatically

    So I have JBVI on an android head unit, I drive the car, as well as my wife. I want to explore the idea of having a profile for myself, as well as for the wife. I know we can do auto profile switching based off of location or speed, but I can't figure out a way to have a 2 driver profiles...
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    JBV1 disconnection problems with new V1Gen2

    oof i'm sorry about that. I thought for sure it would work with the iphone. I have it set up as a bixby routine, so its done in the background, same exact process as with IFTTT Installing it on the atoto won't help because we need your phone to turn on its hotspot. There has to be an app...
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    JBV1 disconnection problems with new V1Gen2

    I'm not as familiar with ios, but I would def. recommend using the app IFFTT (If This Then That) it lets you create automated tasks for a wide vairity of things. once you open the app it should be pretty easy to navigate, essentially you create a new task saying that If bluetooth is connected...
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    JBV1 disconnection problems with new V1Gen2

    ofcourse, what phone do you have?
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    My First impressions of V1G2

    I think you had a typo, the G2 was way quieter than the G1 for BSM.
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    JBV1 disconnection problems with new V1Gen2

    I actually have that exact same deck, happy its working well now! I also have my phone set so when its bluetooth connects to the the a6, it launches my mobile hotspot for JBV1. the other thing I do is back up my JBV1 settings and profiles to the cloud, and then restore them to my phone and...
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    JBV1 disconnection problems with new V1Gen2

    do you have the Bluetooth LE dongle? When I upgraded to the G2 I had a similar issue with my android deck unit having connection issues directly with the G2, but if I made it only connect to the LE dongle it was fine.
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    Ability to have police stations on map?

    @FastStevie the purpose is the same as using a radar detector, JBV1 and vase, for awareness of LEO. None of are using those so we can find LEO faster when we are under duress, come on. I think marking it as a custom heat spot like @blovvy one suggests is my best bet, thank you for the...
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    Ability to have police stations on map?

    Anecdotal obviously, but i've always seen more LEO around the state police barracks or their stations. and obviously those are areas you wouldn't want to be extra vigilant with your speed, but maybe i'm in the minority on that.
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    Ability to have police stations on map?

    Not sure if its possible, or if there is even a database out there with the listings, but would be a neat feature to have on the map an icon for police stations for better awareness of when you're approaching a "warmer" area.
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    Any hope for Android Auto?

    I have a head unit running some version of android 6 and have been hunting down a consistant Bluetooth disconnect and reconnect issue with JBV1. No issue with the head unit and my phone communicating, but I'm sure it something in my end and not JBV1.
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    How Hot a V1 Gets in a Parked Car

    If touching the RD after its been in the sun all day burns your hand, you need to get in the kitchen and start cooking on the stove top to get your hands used to being around hot temps. I've left the RD baking in direct sun all day, and can walkout and grab it right now without burning myself...
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    Upgrade/Trade-In Program ... Temporarily Halted

    I had this debate with someone the other day. Even for most of the consumers who are spending 500+ for a phone, are generally doing it over 2 years with 0 interest. I'm sure if that financing wasn't offered that price market would see a huge reduction in sales.
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    V1 Gen 2 shipping

    Did anyone else have their V2 shipped via the wrong shipping method? I paid more for UPS 2nd day since FedEx is awful in my area, but they shipped it out the cheaper way via FedEx.
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    JBV1 USB Connection (RJ12 to USB)?

    That display looks fantastic!!! here is my rudimentary version: JBV1 on a full size screen just feels right
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    V1 Gen2 - Order now or wait? (6/4/20)

    very honorable of you to do it that way. And you're giving me hope that i'll be able to sell mine for more then the 110!
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    police alerts

    is there a way to start JBV1 with it muted? The reason I ask is because I recently installed a tablet in my car with JBV1, and for whatever reason the audio alerts through JBV1 BOOM over my speakers while my car audio is set much lower. When I tap on the green speaker icon it shows both at...