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  1. emeres

    R7 arrow flip sound/tone.

    What would be great if R7 would have some sort of arrow flip sound. I have mine installed above my rear view mirror and I constantly look at the radar to know when I passed my threat.
  2. emeres

    Uniden R7 Arrow switch sound indicator.

    Is it possible to have some kind of a sound indicator when the arrow switches from front to rear? I don't want VOICE ON just a simple sound indication when the arrow flips. With this option ON you know exactly when you pass a leo without looking at the unit.
  3. emeres

    Screen protector for the front antenna ( R7 ).

    Hi, This will probably come of as a stupid question but please forgive me in advance :) I always take care of electronic equipment very well and like to re-sell things. I wanted to place a piece of a plastic clear screen protector on the front antenna of R7. I doubt it would impact the...