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    My Uniden R7 is unreliable / won't turn on in hot weather

    Wondering if my unit is defective or if it's common for Uniden R7 to not work at all (turn on) if there's hot weather? I moved from a cold climate state to Florida a couple of months ago and have had this R7 for about 6 months. It is hard wired to my car and in California never had an issue...
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    Black suction cups for R7?

    I was looking to get black suction cups to make my install a bit more stealthy. Do you guys have any recommended cheap suction cups that can be purchased off ebay or amazon that fit the Uniden R7 stand? Thanks in advance.
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    Advice: California to Florida 3k mile trip R7 settings

    I am about to do a 3k mile trip from northern california to Miami over a span of a week and wanted to check in with you guys for advice on the best settings for this multi-state trek? Will be driving thru - Northern CA / Lake Tahoe - Nevada / Reno - Utah / Salt Lake - Colorado / Denver -...
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    First timer on the countermeasure scene :)

    Hi everyone, Just joined as I purchased my first radar detector Uniden R7 :)