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  1. ThatRedCivic

    TMG picked up SL 700?

    So I was driving and BAM! Hit with laser. TMG system mentioned SL 700. I haven’t read much about it .... anyone else hit with this? I’m in Atlanta by the way.
  2. ThatRedCivic

    Radar identified as K band?

    What type of radar would be identified as K band? And what piece of technology would it come from? I passed a cop sitting in the median and I’m familiar with constant on being Ka band zz but my Uniden R7 flipped as I passed him and was picking up a K band signal. I didn’t catch the actual...
  3. ThatRedCivic

    How Do I Know I Jammed Police?

    Hey y’all, had a quick question about confirmation of jamming police lidar. Is there a confirmation? Is there a specific sound that plays? Does the computer say something? or is it simply “if the police ain’t chase ya after you were speeding and passed them!” thanks 🙏🏽
  4. ThatRedCivic

    Uniden R7: A Reminder 🚔

    Pretty sure I just got hit with laser just now as I was the only car road as I passed a cop doing the PSL. He had his gun out the window as I passed. The UNIDEN R7 didn’t make a single sound. It’s complete trash as picking up laser. So this is a quick reminder to not rely on your radar detector...
  5. ThatRedCivic

    What's up! New member from Atlanta ;)

    New member here from Atlanta, Georgia! Glad to have come across this forum and community. Looking forward to learning more about outsmarting 'the law' on the roads. Currently have a Uniden R7 and I'm looking into purchasing the TMG system. Spoke to someone from TMG, and I'm THIS close to...