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  1. BadRap

    K band and false alerts (newbie)

    While I’m not new to high end detectors , I am new to having a detector which displays the frequency. Which leads to my question : I did my first mini road trip with the R7 today. I picked up KA band several times and well in advance. I swear one of the signals I picked up was over a mile down...
  2. BadRap

    R7 Update question

    Question on this. I’m new to Unidens and just installed my R7. I checked the detectors firmware version via the menu and it says : -DB VERS 20/04/06 -Firmware 129.129.113 I went on Uniden’s website and downloaded what I believed to be the latest version. The download folder shows...
  3. BadRap

    Blendmount compatibility (Max360c to R7)

    I just saw a video by Vortex that says if you are the current owner of a Blendmount Max360, you can use the R7’s suction cup mount and it works with the Max360 Blendmount. Has anyone tried this? 6 minutes in Backstory: I bought a Blendmount for a Max360c thinking that would be the detector I...
  4. BadRap

    Will I be disappointed?

    Long time V1 owner here (16 years). I’ve never had a detector with GPS or any other “connected” features and just had a few questions, as I’m about to pull the trigger on a Max360c or Redline -Does the “Escort Live” community actually provide any value ? -Have you gotten any tickets with...
  5. BadRap

    Start/Stop technology

    My truck and my wife’s XC90 have auto start/stop. I see the v1gen2s are advertised as having brown out boosters. What about the R7 and Max360c? Planning a mirror tap install thank you
  6. BadRap

    Mandatory First Post

    Hi all New here and looking forward to participating. I’ve been a V1gen1 owner since 2004. I purchased it after getting nailed by KA at the beach. My gf at the time was distracting me, but it wasn’t completely her fault. I vowed to never use cheap detectors again. I purchased my v1 directly...