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  1. wgmontgomery

    Best data only plan (or Car router) for JBV1?

    Can someone recommend a router (OR data only plan) for running JBV1 in my car? ~3G should be more than enough data. My phone's data isn't unlimited and is shared with my GF. I do have an older (not OLD...fully functional) phone that I have made my JBV1 phone. Currently I tether it to my main...
  2. wgmontgomery

    Valentine 1 website & photo radar

    I believe that V1G2 vs photo radar has been discussed; I'm not sure if it has been tested. Either way I was on VR's website today and noticed this: I haven't heard about an update (I'll check the website) but was under the impression that...
  3. wgmontgomery

    Laser Jammer testing LI?

    I found a link to a list that I believe has people/places to have your LJ tested, but apparently I don't have permission to view it. So... Does anyone know where/who I can test my LJ in/near Nassau county NY (Long Island)? Thanks
  4. wgmontgomery

    Working temp of 3M body tape?

    I'm finally ready to start mounting the heads for my laser jammer, and I think that I will use the supplied 3M tape. It's about 40*F outside and should get up to the low 50s. Does anyone know what the lowest temp is to install the tape? Not the lowest temp that it'll STAY adhered to a surface...
  5. wgmontgomery

    TMG install on LI (Nassau County)

    I ordered a TMG A15 a few days ago and expect delivery tomorrow. Can anyone recommend an installer? Nassau county Long Island NY I have PM'ed a few people who were mentioned in various threads but have only heard back from one. I could probably do 95% myself but certainly want help with...
  6. wgmontgomery

    Anyone heard/tried this (new?) laser jammer?

    I was looking at different laser shifters (ALP, TMG etc.) and ran across this: Has anyone seen/tried/heard of this "brand?" It LOOKS like something being made by an individual...not a company. I somehow doubt that it will be a...
  7. wgmontgomery

    V1 Case?

    Does anyone have the case that Valentine sells for their RD? If so, is it worth the money ($35)? I need to get a 3 inch power cable and windshield mount (GF's car), so I thought that I would order a case. The price would be that bad if it wasn't for shipping...
  8. wgmontgomery

    Hidden features on V1G2?

    I was looking at the programming options for V1G2 and noticed that it skips from 4 to 8; perhaps there are options on 5, 6 & 7 that aren't active...yet? The letters B, C, D, E & F are also missing. I could be very wrong, but a quick look at V1G1's programming options INCLUDES 5, 6, 7, B, C...
  9. wgmontgomery

    When hit with LIDAR Va, SC etc?

    I will be *installing TMG laser jammers soon, and I travel to NC/SC fairly often. From NY to SC means traveling through Va, so both states bring a question to mind? I understand NOT to JTG, and that's regardless of where. Does it not make Leo suspicious when they hit you with laser (& get no...
  10. wgmontgomery

    NoPhoto options?

    Are there ANY (inexpensive) options for speed/LRC? My girlfriend, who is an turtle on the road, has gotten two tickets from RLC. I can't see spending $1200 (3 x $400...2 cars & 3 plates) but would do something that isn't too expensive. I saw the NoPhoto Pro on @vortexradar and it looks...
  11. wgmontgomery

    TMG or ALP in NY (& SC)?

    I currently live in Nassau county NY but travel to SC (Conway, Myrtle Beach area) to visit family. I've had quality RDs since ~1990 but LIDAR is becoming a REAL concern. Assuming that I add jammers, should I do the TMG (which I could do now), wait and do ALP...or just use an app like WAZE...
  12. wgmontgomery

    Old jammers?

    I can't really afford a ALP right now but may do a TMG in a few months, but I ran across an old Blinder M47 for <$120. Will it offer ANY protection today? In other words, is it better than nothing? I'm guessing that it might be like running an original Escort today: yes, there are situations...
  13. wgmontgomery

    JBV1 without cellular data?

    I've used a V1 since the (mid to late) 90s, but I never had a V1 Connection. Hence I never used it with an app. I got my V1 G2 yesterday and played with a few apps. The JBV1 was recommended to me by a fellow V1 user, so I tried it today. I have pretty limited cell data (1G) as I rarely use it...
  14. wgmontgomery


    Hi...I've been using RDs since '89 or 90. My 1st RD was an ultea-cheap xxxx (not using brand name so that I don't offend anyone by calling their RD a POS) and moved up to a Uniden. Next was an Escort, then Passport...then back to Escort in the mid 90s. When Ka came out I did TONS of research and...