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    2 profiles, automatically

    So I have JBVI on an android head unit, I drive the car, as well as my wife. I want to explore the idea of having a profile for myself, as well as for the wife. I know we can do auto profile switching based off of location or speed, but I can't figure out a way to have a 2 driver profiles...
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    Ability to have police stations on map?

    Not sure if its possible, or if there is even a database out there with the listings, but would be a neat feature to have on the map an icon for police stations for better awareness of when you're approaching a "warmer" area.
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    Newish Member

    Was a member here over 10 years ago at this point I imagine with my old school issued email I no longer have access to! I've been using my V1 Gen 1 since 2004 in various cars, with my only speeding tickets coming in the great (not so great) state of Virginia. I've been reading the forums...