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    Well, I am back with my tail between my legs. I left and sold my R7 and R3 because I was (OK, and still am) upset with Uniden‘s delays in releasing anything and with some of their corporate policies. I bought a V1G2, and have been using that. The V1G2 is a really nice RD, but I just can not...
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    Sorry to all of you that are more advanced than me, but I am looking for some advise. My only real experience with radar detectors was the Uniden R7 and R3. I heard alot about the old V1. I have become pretty dissatisfied with Uniden themselves (the R3 and R7 are great products though) and...
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    Detector and Jammer Question

    I will be in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan for a couple of weeks. It looks like my ALP’s and my R7 are legal to use in those Provinces. Is that correct still. Should I expect to be able to cross the border as long as it is entry into those Provinces, with them installed? Thank...
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    I hope this post is not inappropriate. I am not trying to denigrate Uniden, but rather just to make them aware of some concerns that I have. I have thought about this for several weeks, but Charles leaving (not to imply at all that he is leaving because he shares my feelings) it just seems...
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    Question on loading ALP Config

    I really did search all over before asking. But my ALP came with a basic config from the installer. I want to set my own config now with a couple profiles. In order to laod it do i just plug my usb drive into the usb slot on the control unit, then turn the alp on, or is there something I have...
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    Is this a decent deal?

    This is the ad: “Selling my Valentine 1 radar detector. I still have the original box, papers, and extra accessories it came with. I am the original owner and have the receipt. Like new condition. Email is the best way to get ahold of me. Thanks” He is asking $360 but will come down to at...
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    How to find out what radar and laser your local police use

    I imagine this has been discussed before, but shouldn’t we be able to find out exactly what radar, laser, speed photo and photo red light every police department uses? Has anyone called their local police and asked? I would assume that it is public information, after all we bought the stupid...
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    Testing Oregon/Washington ??

    If anyone plans on doing any laser testing I should be getting my ALP on the 20 th, and would love to run it through some testing. I am mostly in Portland or Seattle areas.
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    Advise on ALP System

    I am going to have an ALP installed in my car and wonder if: 1. Have I left anything out you would suggest? 2. Is this system setup a good one. What my bid is, is for three head front system, with the TX in the center. Bluetooth and HIFI options. Integrated into my dash buttons for power...
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    Some basic questions

    I have searched and have gotten some good info, i think. I want to make sure that i have this info correct. I am thinking of having ALP jammers installed at a reputable shop near me. Laser jammers aren’t illegal in my State. However, in States where they are illegal, is it illegal to have...
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    I would like a Radenso

    First, i signed up here because I have a Uniden R3. I really like it. Enough that I have an R7 on order. Again, I really like the Uniden, I am not here to bash them whatsoever. I enjoy playing with the features though. And Jon (the owner of Radenso, I believe) has posted in the forum on the...
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    Just a little different perspective

    I am not trying to disagree with anyone who is upset over the R7 delay, I respect your feelings. For me though, pretty much a newby type, it has been kind of refreshing. Between the people that beta tested it and the people that bought it early from Best Buy, I have gotten an awful lot of...
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    Wanted to say hello to everyone. New to your forum but I am sure getting a lot of information. I bought a Uniden R3 which i have on a blendmount mirror attachment. I decided to upgrade to an R7 and when i was looking for a place to buy it from, I also found this forum. Now that i have a new...