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  1. Karston

    Looking for good beginner Radar units and insight for a newbie

    Looking for opinions and insight on what inexpensive radar setup I should buy. Interested in any and all info that may help. I’ve been browsing eBay (only place I could find them) and it seems the fairly priced units are Kustom golden Eagles, decatur and MPH units. Stalkers seem expensive...I...
  2. Karston

    Had some cash burning a hole in my pocket...picked up a few older goodies to try out.

    Browsing eBay and Facebook marketplace over the past few days and came accross a few older models that I picked up to try out. Everything will be for sale after a while. 8500ci plus. No jammers, but full kit (no boxes or manuals, though) purchased from original owner's son. early 2013 date code...
  3. Karston

    Which detectors offer K notch?

    Looking for an cost effective Radar for my GF. She is the furthest thing from an enthusiast (but has learned the tone sounds from all of my Escort products. (i.e "double beep" is a LEO most of the time) She (and I) got super annoyed with my 9500ix and IX with constant K band falses. Looking at...
  4. Karston

    9500ci in 2020.....any good? Worth it?

    Hi guys. Came across a pretty good deal on a 9500ci, complete kit with box and everything. Wondering if it’s still worth it in 2020 now that the technology is about 15 years old. I would obviously update the firmware to the latest available. Anyone out there running an updated firmware 9500ci in...
  5. Karston

    New member from Dallas, TX

    Hi everyone! Glad to be here. I've been running radar detectors for about 10 years now. All started when I was 16 with my first car, a 1998 mustang GT convertible... browsing the automotive section at Walmart trying to spend what little money I had working at Raising Canes, I came across a...