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  1. spinner55

    Illinois State Police Aircraft

    Updated list of IL SP aircraft listed. N221SP Cessna 182R N291SP Cessna 182R N441SP Cessna 182S N551SP Cessna 182S N661SP Cessna 182S N771SP Cessna 182S N881SP Cessna 182S N977SP Bell Helo N361SP Drone - Dragonflyer X4-ES Drone, Quadrotor, Draganflyer X4-ES N631SP Drone - Insprire1 Inspire...
  2. spinner55

    Illinois State Police - Stalkers

    Just got to look inside of a updated ISP car the other day. Seems they have gone from Kustom Golden Eagle 2 and Decatur units to installing Stalker 2X units these days. Spin
  3. spinner55

    Valentine Connection: Part 2: Coming to a touch screen near you....

    After 600+ posts it's time for another thread. Please feel free to carry on here now. Thank you. Spin
  4. spinner55

    New V1 with Savvy install

    I broke down and got a new V1 with Savvy a couple of weeks ago. It replaces a 2002 V1 that has served me very well over the years. That V1 replaced my old 8500 and was IMHO light years a head of the Escort unit. I learned to love the V1 specially the arrows and bogey counter. Learned to 'hate'...
  5. spinner55

    Black dots on wind shield....

    2009 Toyota Camry is the first vehicle that has those 'nice' black dots near the rear view mirror. Do they effect radar? Not worried about lidar as we all know if the V1 (or what ever detector) alerts your toast most times. I've always placed my V1 up above the mirror. Between all these air bags...
  6. spinner55

    HID 9005 lighting kits

    Looking for some brighter lights for night time travel. With storm season coming up soon. The 'stock' lights are worthless driving home at night. Anyone installed these types of add on systems?? Which brands etc would be best (opening a can of worms with this question)...
  7. spinner55

    Dozen radios in a van.....

    This guy has a dozen radios mounted in his about over kill. A dozen mobile radios in one car! - YouTube
  8. spinner55

    another old / new guy

    Hello to everyone, Been a while since been to a 'online' radar forum. Hope some of the 'old' gang from the other forum are around. Take care, Spinner55 aka Spin ..