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  1. PlagueDoctor88

    JBV1 Voice Control > Speech Recognizer

    Hi everyone, Fire those using JBV1, have any of you used voice control/ speech recognizer? I've seen it in the settings, but it's always gray's out for me. Edit: I do have Gboard installed on my Samsung. Not sure what else is needed to get this to properly function. I've also searched the...
  2. PlagueDoctor88

    How to verify if profiles/sweeps are changed in JBV1?

    Hi all, So I’ve been running JBV1 pretty much exclusively with the V1G2 unless I’m updating the firmware. When updating, I use V1Connection. I‘ve also played around with different sweeps/profiles. When changing to a custom profile in V1Connect, I notice a little dot on the bottom right hand...
  3. PlagueDoctor88

    Where do you mount your V1G2?

    I currently have my V1G2 mounted near the bottom portion of my windshield... I've been trying to find a decent spot to mount it up high (for best results), but haven't found the most ideal spot. Perhaps it feels odd since I've always mounted my radar detectors fairly low. I would have liked to...
  4. PlagueDoctor88

    Strange V1G2 Arrow Movement?

    So it's been 10 days since I've been using the V1G2. The device is fantastic and definitely exceeded my expectations. With my Max360c the arrows were always on point and never had any issues. But I've noticed that the V1's arrows seem to be a bit wonky at times. Specifically the Ka bands (as...
  5. PlagueDoctor88

    Using Same 12v Power Source for RD + Dashcam?

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this is probably a silly question, but it's something I have to ask. I currently have a Vantrue N4 dashcam along with (a newly purchased) Valentine 1 Gen 2. When I first bought the N4, I was planning on hardwiring it and purchased a hardwire kit. The vehicle is a (W204)...
  6. PlagueDoctor88

    Advice For First Time V1G2 User

    Hello Everyone, My first RD was the Escort Passport 8500x50 and currently have the Max360c in my daily. However, being a techy guy/ tech enthusiast I’ve always wanted a V1. Now that the V1G2 has been out for a little while, I finally pulled the trigger. I purchased it as a RD for my secondary...
  7. PlagueDoctor88

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi all, I’ve been on Escort’s forum, but of course new to this forum! I’m currently running an Escort Max 360c in my daily driver. Just purchased a Valentin One Gen2 for my secondary vehicle! Looking forward having some great discussions with you all!