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  1. cavecreek93

    First Laser alert R7 1.33

    I have had my R7 for almost a year and I have never had a laser alert. I don't encounter laser too often as far I as know. Today was a first and it was so exciting. School was getting out and a motorcycle cop was off his bike partially obscured by a tree and the long line of cars waiting to...
  2. cavecreek93

    Can Radenso e-Gift Cards be applied to Theia Purchase?

    Hey Radenso team, Can Radenso e-Gift Cards be applied to the purchase of Theia when she is released? It will help my budget but more importantly make me feel like I am supporting you guys pushing the envelope in the detector industry. You have been so transparent with the development process...
  3. cavecreek93

    New Member - Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, New member here. This forum is a real fun place to learn about CM. I just purchased an R7 and I look forward to learning more - Thank you!