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  1. penning10

    Laser went off on R7 for the first time ever

    Got a laser alert today for the first time on my R7 after using for about 1 year. I looked around and didn't see anything but it was going off for like 5 seconds straight. Is there a hold even on a short blast to it alerting constant, or during the entire encounter? I was wondering if I was...
  2. penning10

    If you don't think arrows are worthy, think again.

    Today I must say I missed a ticket using my Uniden R7. Approached the freeway entrance as normal and got an alert from the side. Turned to access the freeway to speed up and started getting an alert from behind. Figured it was long behind although there was a white car about 1/2 mile behind...
  3. penning10

    MCRD and BSM

    I see MCRD and BSM thrown around a lot, but a search on Google as well as here on RDForum yield nothing to its acronym or meaning. Positive I am not the only one. Please help me out with a short explanation you would. Many thanks in advance
  4. penning10

    Should I?

    If you are asking about something titled "Should I?", then I say yes you should. Questioning whether or not you should is more of wanting to be part of creating a thread, than doing some research on the forum and making an informed decision. If you should update your firmware when everyone...
  5. penning10

    Threat picked up off axis in an amazing way

    On my way home last night, I was heading through a very familiar area which I travel daily. I picked up a threat on my R3 and decided to slow down and clock distance. There is usually nowhere cops can hide on the freeway except at the onramp. The onramp is steep and the sides covered...
  6. penning10

    Uniden R1 good, but not great

    As a user of all detectors (and yes, I have nearly owned them all) find the R1 is just reasonable performance, but not getting the "WOW" factor I was expecting. The alerts around corners and over the hill are only found when the officer or myself crests the hill or comes around the bend. I am...
  7. penning10

    Blinder Support and continuation

    I am having a hard time believing Blinder does not keep their firmware updated. 2 years seems like a long time and makes a person feel like they have sold an item but support drops at your credit card swipe. Firmware updates continuously give users a sense of commitment and support from an...