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  1. leesrt

    firmware update on r7

    When you did that you messed it up. Nothing in any directions say to power the unit on while doing a firmware update. Also, can you no open multiple threads on the same topic?
  2. leesrt

    1.33 after update issue

    Not sure its worth anything but I've never done a factory reset for a firmware update and never had an issue. I owned an R3 and as of a year ago have two R7's. Load the firmware and if it works you're good. If it's not broke stop trying to fix it. I think when you tried doing the update...
  3. leesrt

    R7 FW 133.141.113 - New K Filter Discussion

    I'm also picking up more K band now from stationaries. Rather than get quieter or stay the same it got noisier. TSF on, K narrow, K at 60%, Rear K off.
  4. leesrt

    R7 FW 133.141.113 - New K Filter Discussion

    not sure why but K band suddenly got noisy after the update. TSF on, narrow K on, rear k off, and k reduced to 70%. Most of those were all my previous settings and hardly ever heard K band. Now every Buick I get behind sets off the rd
  5. leesrt

    Introducing Radenso Theia powered by Rai (Video Links and FAQ on first page)

    Radenso is not Escort. they aren't going to out something out that's half baked and let you be the unpaid R&D
  6. leesrt

    Stand alone JBV1 not starting with bluetooth

    What fixed it was excluding it from power management putting it to sleep. Somehow that was preventing it from starting with BT.
  7. leesrt

    Stand alone JBV1 not starting with bluetooth

    Yes, car Bluetooth is in there
  8. leesrt

    Stand alone JBV1 not starting with bluetooth

    On my last phone, Samsung Note10, my JVB1 would start when the phone connected to my cars BT. I upgraded phones to the Note 20 and now it doesn't work. I tried deleting the bluetooth connection on my phone and the car and then re-establishing the blue tooth connection. I then went into JVB1...
  9. leesrt

    Waze on Android Auto issues

    This is why I don't use AA. My phone is much more intuitive and easier to use. I have it mounted next to my nav screen so its no different. It also allows me to use a fast charger for my phone rather than the slow as dirt car USB.
  10. leesrt

    JBV1 auto start not working with new phone

    I upgraded from my previous Samsung note 10 to a Samsung note 20. I have my JVB1 set up to auto start when my phone Bluetooth connects to my car. When I moved to the new phone it's stopped auto starting. I've deleted the Bluetooth connection to my car and then I upgraded from my previous Samsung...
  11. leesrt

    Uniden R7 Issues... Please no BS Just Issues Only Please!

    lol, ok. I'm just trying to share actual experience and information, not conspiracy theories and tales. None of which has anything to do with some guy that has an LE friend and wants to see if he can verify his RD. Stuff like that is just paranoia.
  12. leesrt

    Uniden R7 Issues... Please no BS Just Issues Only Please!

    Well I'm going to tell you from experience, Since I primarily worked patrol and traffic my entire 7 years. I've attended quarterly Regional traffic enforcement meetings with multiple agencies throughout the southeast, as well as went through all the training required for that position. At no...
  13. leesrt

    Uniden R7 Issues... Please no BS Just Issues Only Please!

    Yeah thats complete paranoid BS. I worked LE for 7 years and no one has time to talk about radar And don't worry, I've been cleared by admin a long time ago so you can save time putting on your tin foil hat and reporting me to admin as a spy :cool:
  14. leesrt

    Uniden R7 Issues... Please no BS Just Issues Only Please!

    I'm curious, how does that compromise anyone. Heck, most of the LE I knew used RD's in their personal vehicles.
  15. leesrt

    How well do R7s withstand abuse?

    I have an idea. To test how much abuse the R7 can take I suggest the OP perform a series of test until it breaks and then come back and let us know how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?:p
  16. leesrt

    Dollar general stores annoying

    If I remember when I had my R3 it has quiet ride correct? Set it just about the speed you travel when passing those stores, problem solved. Unless LE use a lot of K band in your area.
  17. leesrt

    How well do R7s withstand abuse?

    I don't think hot summer days in Canada are going top be an issue you need to worry about. As far as the other mistreatment, 20 people could post here how they dropped there's from a 10 story building with no issues and then you drop it off the kitchen table and it falls to pieces. First, get...
  18. leesrt

    Latest R7 Firmware

    LOL at eons. Geeze we're spoiled. Uniden has had more updates to each of their models then the other two (Escort-Valentine) combined. The funny part is they don't release a product that fails and then has to have an update in order to function properly. Uniden's updates are typically...
  19. leesrt

    MRCD Intersection

    So a lot of what going up now are not RLC's. I've seen this in states that have stopped using RLC's. What you will see is a small box, usually mounted over traffic near the traffic lights, that you can barely see the front circles of 2 radar antennas. There may be a separate camera mounted...
  20. leesrt

    My R3 in every time we do laser testing it picks it up....i keep getting shot same gun and nothing on the R3???

    I'm trying to understand why you're wasting time testing it on laser? On any windshield mount RD the laser detection is a novelty at best. Just seems like a waste of mental energy