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    Warren County, VA K-band 24.124

    Just an FYI. Ran across a radar trap in Warren County, VA (Front Royal). LEO was running c/o K-Band 24.124. Picked it up with V1 Gen2. I haven't seen K-band used much anymore but have had 2 this week alone.
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    Harpers Ferry, WV K-Band 24.138

    Just an FYI. Ran across a radar trap in Harpers Ferry, WV. He was running K-Band 24.138. They like to setup just past the bridge on Rt. 340 as you are coming into WV. Picked it up with V1 Gen2.
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    Question on multiple bogey indicators on V1 Gen2

    I’ve been using my V1 Gen2 for about 3 weeks now. I am using with JBV1 app. I received mine with the newest firmware already pre-installed. Every single K a hit that I get and is a real police officer, comes up as multiple bogeys. And when I say multiple I mean anywhere from 10 to 20. I’m...
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    Hello from WV

    Just a quick hello to everyone. Been using radar detectors for the better part of 25 to 30 years. Just purchased a new V1 G2 and getting some great information from this website.