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    V1G2 poor/non existant detection against laser cameras

    Hi guys As per this thread: I recently got a V1gen2 to replace my old gen1, however since getting it I've noticed it was very quiet (not one laser faults against laser crusie control from other cars vs my old Gen1 which would fault to them...
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    Perth's new 'smart freeway' new Radar units?

    Was just reading about this on a Facebook revenue group about the smart freeway for a section on the Kwinana they are completing soon. This part of the article is of particular interest: Are these the same type of radars used in the sneaky revenue cameras? Revenue Cynic in me thinks variable...
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    Laser Jammer in WA

    Hi guys I'm thinking of getting a laser jammer for my car, with the roll out of the new 700m long range detection camera/speed gun this long weekend in WA, I already own a V1 detector which has helped me along the way. Although I think it's getting outdated when faced with these new speed...