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    Turning off X and K bands in Lower Alabama.

    I know we have discussed this before. But, I have never seen any police, sheriff or State Troopers use K band for radar in Mobile County. Since I am tired of having to snooze everything and listen to the tiny chirps of K and X all of the time; I turned off X and K band through the detector...
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    V1 Driver app reporting some but not all of the Ka band pins on app

    OK, so I know this is going to sound weird but, some of my Ka signals that I know for sure are a police officer shooting radar are not showing up on the map on the V1 Drivver app you can download in the app store for iOS. At first, I could not get any Ka pins to show up. But, now I am seeing...
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    Weak 1-bar Ka signals

    Occasionally, I will get a weak 1-bar Ka signal ahead. It continues to beep and show one bar. But, yet the signal never increases in signal strength. You end up driving say 1/3 or 1/2 mile but yet you never really see the signal strength increase by any real measure. Is this like some sort...
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    V1G2 can get hot enough to burn you while driving

    Has anyone noticed how hot the case can be during the day? Even when the case is relatively cool it can still be pretty hot inside. But, if you use the V1G2 during the day and take it out of the car it can almost burn your skin. The case itself hasn't fallen apart or anything.
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    Ka hits coming right on up......

    OK, so today we had an Asplundh crew trimming tree limbs all down Hillcrest Rd. There was a marked Tahoe with his lights on sporadically firing Ka radar as cars passed him from behind. For a while, there was a motorcycle cop as well. The motorcycle cop was continuously firing. And boy does...
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    Learning as I go......still a couple of questions though v1 Driver App

    OK so one of the two questions I have is circled in green. My question is exactly how does this bar work and exactly what is it telling me? Now I did figure out that I can "tap" once on the two K band alerts up top and it will mute it out. Which is a great feature to have. One of the...
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    What settings do you have on your V1 driver?

    And how do you mute something that keeps going off over and over?
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    V1 Driver App you can pay $9.99 to download

    OK, When I leave my apartment there are a set of electronic gates and they constantly set off. Is there a way to lock this out? What about grocery stores?
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    1st time using V1.

    I started out making an across town trip to drop the dog off at doggie daycare/hotel. I tried using JBV1 bu, to me it was too confusing and complicated. I intend to figure it all out. But, for the very first trip, I needed something more user friendly. So, I started out with the v1 driver...
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    Recently Ordered V1G2

    I ordered my V1G2 on May 20,2020 or 5/20/2020. My CC was charged last night on 5/29/2020. I never did get an email from Valentine One stating that I have been charged or that my V1G2 is in the process of being shipped out. Or when I can expect a shipping confirmation from UPS. I chose the...
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    Help! JBV1 downloaded onto an android phone using in-car wifi

    OK, I use my iPhone XR for everything except JBV1. I recently bought a Wal-Mart TracPhone which is a Samsung Galaxy J2. The phone connects to my home wifi and the car's wifi no problem. It is when I click on the JBV1 app that I have issues. I should note, I have ordered a Valentine 1 Gen 2...
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    Just ordered a brand-new V1 Gen2

    Well, I just ordered a brand new Valentine 1 Gen. It is supposed to ship towards the end of the month. I bought a Galaxy J2 Phone for about $60 bucks to use the JBV1 App on an Android Phone. I will use the hotspot on my Apple iPhone XR. (I have a T-Mobile account). Not going to lie, I'm...
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    JBV1 on an iPhone XR? Or any iPhone?

    Does anyone know if this is even possible? I really like the user interface and it would be super nice to have.
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    Can you identify what the police are using by frequency?

    I am about to buy a V1 Gen2. My question is can I see what frequency the police are using? Could I reference this by different manufacturers to see what type of equipment the cops are using in that area?
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    Thinking of purchasing a V1 Gen2. Thoughts on X, and K bands.....

    I was watching Matt Farah on TheSmokingTire YouTube Channel. The video itself is here In the video Matt basically said that he does not use his detector in the city all that much. He mainly uses his detector on the highway. Now, to be fair he does live in Los Angeles and the traffic there...
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    South Alabama Region

    Can anyone tell me what the State Troopers, Mobile Police Department, Mobile County Sheriffs Department use in terms of Radar? Are we even allowed to know this?
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    Noob from Mobile, Alabama

    Hey everybody! It's a hell yeah from the deep south. OK, so I am totally new to this. In college (2002) I owned a Escort 8500. It was a great radar detector until the power supply on it broke. I was really burned on this as the warranty had just run out on it. So, I decided to never buy...