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    False alarm on K and some weirdness on Ka

    Couple of questions on the V1G2. On false alert K signals, would the V1G2 learn about it and completely ignore it instead of just muting it? I am guessing the only thing we can do is use an aftermarket app or a firmware update? Second question, last week I had this weird situation where I had...
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    Newbie question

    Hi, New owner and user for V1 driver. I have a question about V1 driver. If I decide to use V1driver, does that mean I should mute the detector as V1 driver should in theory replace it? Can you link V1 driver to tell the detector to mute? I notice a lot of K bands go to mute very quickly...
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    Question about V1 G2 and how it compares to the R7, also V1 driver

    Hi, newbie with the V1 G2 and the R7. Anyway I had a chance to use them side by side on my 200 miles drive today. I have a few questions that I would like some help on. V1. I am currently using V1Driver as the connecting app. Can someone tell me if the app can actually disable the V1 noise...
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    New User

    Hi, I had radar detectors on my car for a long time, but I stopped as life calls for something else. Anyway I am back for a V1 or R7, I do have some questions I would like some help on. Thank you in advance