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    ka band false with dfr7

    anyone receive false ka band alert with dfr7 i recive 35.09 ghz i wanna try ka band filter !
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    ka wide or narrow for quebec city on dfr7

    i have question i want know if i put tsf on or off ans ka filter on or off for quebec city dfr7
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    need segment ka band quebec area dfr7 nz

    i need ka band segment for quebec area on dfr7 nz
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    dfr7 conversion nz

    anyone can send me video how i put dfr7 nz to dfr7 us please
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    conversion nz video how dowloand

    dfr7 conversion nz here ?
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    when next firmware for dfr7
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    dfr7 conversion nz

    what best step for install dfr7 nz i got dfr7 and i bought to ebay 1603922813 i live quebec canada