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    V1 gen2 bluetooth with android auto?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this or knows if it will work... I have a Pixel 2 that I connect to my Honda with a USB cable for android auto. Android auto automatically turns on bluetooth and pairs to the car for audio/phone playback through the speakers. with this up and running, would...
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    R3 (on 1.50) vs R7 (on 124.111) K-band Falses

    So I just wanted to share my observations, as unofficial as they may be, between the two detectors now that I own both. As the title said, I'm comparing the R3 on 1.50 with K @ 50% to the R7 on 124.124.111 on 30%. Both detectors have K-narrow ON, K-block ON, K-filter ON, K-pop OFF. I...
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    Hello all. Long time lurker and v1 owner, now r3 as well.