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  1. Higado de Acero

    Hi guys

    I'm back. greetings from Chile.
  2. Higado de Acero

    Is the Stinger in your own radar?

    I wanted to make a survey on this. We have all seen good and bad on the Stinger. No need for reasons. Just Y o N Consider in your decision if you can buy it Yes or No only!!! Would you get it?
  3. Higado de Acero

    My own hardwire kit. Quick question

    Hi guys. I have a quick question. Is it possible to hardwire a Redline just using an add a circuit and a phone cable? I don't wanna order a kit from the US. I feel it shouldn't be to hard to do it yourself, right?
  4. Higado de Acero

    Solar Powered Radar Detector

    While looking for some stuff on the chilean market, I ran into this: It is solar powered. I didn't know such a thing existed. I wonder what advantage would give to implement this tech in a more advanced detector.
  5. Higado de Acero

    Help!! Missing STI-R O!!!

    Hi guys I come to the community in desperation. I bought from Kasher his STIO and for some reason we cant explain the package has been in an infinite loop between the US and Brazil. I've been in communication with the brazilian postal service and they havent been helpful at all. I wanted them...
  6. Higado de Acero

    Just got a new lidar gun

    Hi guys. I sold vortex's ka golden eagle and bought myself a new Ultralyte 100LR compact. Any imputs on how that gun performs?
  7. Higado de Acero

    Laser Veil G5 Webinar: Who is attending?

    Hi guys Tomorrow is the launch of the long waited G5 formula. Veil Guy will be telling some insights about the new formula. I figure I'd open this thread to discuss the new G5 properties and the event for tomorrow. Who is attending at this online event?
  8. Higado de Acero

    Insights on Gatso and Redflex speed cameras

    Hi guys I've come to some information that soon we will have gatso and redflex speed cameras here in Chile. How is the international experience on this? What radar detectors are better against this threats? Any experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Higado de Acero

    Have any of you guys tried this?

    The Ultimate Photo Radar License Plate Cover - IR Invisi-Plate Does it work? Any experiences?
  10. Higado de Acero

    Unleash the army

    The post Nine_C1 made, got my nerves rattled up. What shall we do in order to bring Escort's management on the right path. ideas? thoughts?
  11. Higado de Acero

    Breaking the long range test record. What's needed?

    Hi guys, I was thinking about a nice project I'd like to do right now. To break the 13 miles record on the Redline. There is a place in the Atacama desert that could meet that condition. It is a long flat stretch about 15 miles, and a difference of 40 meters between A and B. About 1000 meters...
  12. Higado de Acero

    A small doubt with muted alerts

    Hi guys I was wondering what happens if you are cruising around, suddenly you get a CO k band signal, you mute it using the smartcord and then you get hit by Laser. Does it alert with the scary sound or it stays muted?. Any of you guys know?
  13. Higado de Acero

    New LEO toys in my country. Let the games begin :)

    I thought I'd share some pics of the brand new Dodge Chargers chilean police got. And equiped with a known enemy toy... Things have become more fun around here :). Sent from the driest desert in the world!
  14. Higado de Acero

    X50 black and Redline. How much interference?

    Hi guys Tomorrow i'm taking a quick trip up in the desert and i was thinking of running this two RDs together. I wonder if some of you guys have noticed interference from this guys running at the same time and how much. Obviously I'm planning to keep them as apart as possible. Any experiences...
  15. Higado de Acero

    35.5 Ka band door opener. They do exists!

    35.5 Ka band door opener. They do exist! Hi guys. The other day a guy was hoping no Ka band door opener existed. But they do. Good news is that I drive by it every day and I do not get any alert from this Ka band door opener. I guess is so low powered and and the beam so narrow that goes by...
  16. Higado de Acero

    Small doubt on the Segmented RL

    Hi guys Just a quick question, what happens when you turn off segment 2 and then turn POP detection ON? does it still alerts at 33.8? Thank you for the assistance.
  17. Higado de Acero

    Review of the "Chupacabras" from the Chilean frontlines.

    Hi guys Well, after a first 800 miles trip from my home city Antofagasta, to the capitol Santiago. I had the perfect oportunity for testing the brand new awaken Escort "Chupacabras" Redline on chilean enemy territory. Setup: - Escort "Chupacabras" Redline. (Updated to the last firmware...
  18. Higado de Acero

    Anyone at the webinar for the launch of Escort Max?

    If you want to join. Go to
  19. Higado de Acero

    Bought myself a good old collector's toy

    It was fun to buy this. I wanted it as a piece of collection. I can also match it up against the redline and see how far Escort has come on all this years (or against a cobra, who know, it might win! haha!. :p Does anybody have one of this, so I can know the voltage specs? it comes without...