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  1. DocTJ

    Road and track new article about V1G2 featuring Vortex and MV Interesting read. Has some history too . Mentions mike’s wife vortex is quoted in there too. MV drives the same Porsche I do apparently 😳
  2. DocTJ

    Help: Water spots : advice needed

    Hello all: I’m getting water spots just from rain at this point and it didn’t start until i started using the waterless wash and wax from meguiars . the reason i use that is because the hose in the apartment complex isn’t filtered so it causes water spots anyway, And the closest hand wash/self...
  3. DocTJ

    Free Glass Coating kit (glassparency)

    Get them while supplies last. Dunno much about it but reviews and YouTube videos look good: 100$ kit for 10$
  4. DocTJ

    Help me choose a new car

    Hi friends. I’m looking for a “new” ride The reason “new” is in quotes is because I tend to get my cars about a year or two old once they depreciate the most , but still get into a new-ish car that is still under warranty. I’m looking for something under 150k Currently have my eyes on a...
  5. DocTJ

    Thinkware F750 no longer connecting to iphone

    Hello all: Was wondering if someone could shed some light. Ive had my thinkware f750 for many years now and it works well for what I need it to do. After the IOS13 update, however, it no longer connects to my Iphone. Ive tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. Ive tried formatting the SD...
  6. DocTJ

    Any upcoming testing Nov/Dec/Jan?

    Hello all, holidays are approaching, and free time is rare, but theres some free time soon any testing coming up? have ALP, with TX front and rear installed AL/ATL area
  7. DocTJ

    current v1 and ALP, switching to R3

    hey all, Living near ATL ALP 2 head + TX in both front and rear switching out the v1 for an R3 will keep you all posted with dashcam footage too. any suggestions / comments appreciated.