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    New Guilford County Sheriff Dept Ghost Mustang Fleet Pics

    Mustangs have been used for traffic enforcement since the 80s so no surprise they are using them again. At least they could have a stripper version with all the performance parts available to the public. At least they didn't decide to add some Camaros to the mix, yet.
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    Competition vs Theia Thoughts

    Whatever you say. If you thought I was ever bothered/angry or aggressive you are wrong or projecting your emotions into how you read my posts. As an Intermediate member who has been here for almost a decade I may have a clue as to how detectors alert to radar signs. I'm glad you could educate...
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    Competition vs Theia Thoughts

    You lost me. I said anything not police radar to me is a false. Radar signs using police radar frequencies and police speed radar signs don't ticket a person whether they use police radar freqs or not. I am happy to block them out when they are used in my regular traveled areas. When I am...
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    Competition vs Theia Thoughts

    I'm not sure what your point is. As I said nothing is perfect. The best radar detector won't do much good if you are alone on a road and hit with I/O by a very well hidden officer. Same with Laser. This is why the best detector, best laser jammer system and waze/highway radar AND good...
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    Competition vs Theia Thoughts

    A false to me is anything not a police radar. If it can't filter speed signs then I can accept that. Being able to lock out the ones on regular routes will correct that issue well enough and with highway use being primary when traveling outside regular areas the problem is pretty small, at...
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    Competition vs Theia Thoughts

    Theia's ability to warn of police radar and only police radar is what sets it head and shoulders above anything else. If it had the range of the lowest and UI of the worst while costing a bit more than the most expensive when compared to the V1G2,R7 and RL360 I still would be happy with it...
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome to the forum. Where are you at in MI? I used to live in SE Michigan and now in NW Ohio. Also what vehicle are you looking to equip with an ALP system? I just did an install on my BMW and tested it with a Southern OH testing group. Plenty learned and good people.
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    Brake Kill Switch

    A simple temporary off toggle switch only turns off the brake lights when a driver holds it in the off position. No chance of accidentally having no brake lights and not knowing it. Simple,cheap and no audible indicator needed.
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    How important is it to protect against rear shots?

    I got 2 tickets from photo lidar both shot in the rear with 2 different vehicles. Both were in OH in Toledo. One was on I 75 and the other on 475. I think I still have one copy that has the photo and distance. Both included a link to a video clip of the shots being taken. It was from an...
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    Question around first batch of Theia

    This is my reasoning too. Anytime I travel outside my normal area I have to spend more effort and it has more effect on my driving to determine or attempt to determine if a signal is a BSM,or other false alert or if it is real. Auto or manual lock outs don't help, filtering can reduce but not...
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    Waze vulnerabilities for privacy

    I didn't find anything about this in the forum so I will add it here for others to be aware of and hopefully it will get changed soon. I don't think it will be exploited to...
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    Greetings from SW Ohio!

    Welcome from Northwest OH
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    Greetings from SE Michigan!

    Welcome. You'll learn a lot here as I have. I moved from SE MI about 5 years ago to Ohio and haven't regretted it one iota, especially as cars and driving are concerned. I recently installed an ALP 5 head system and tested it along with another SE MI member here who tested his TMG. Good...
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    BlendMount & MirrorTap by J28 Design

    Love the product and always had good experience with them. Thanks for joining and sharing here
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    Southern Ohio Testing Group - Fall 2020 Event - Results!

    To add to the sign discussion issue I will say that I was running the most current firmware on my ALP during the test (Present fw. version is 5.6.3/8.8 released 2020-07-31) as I updated the system just prior to going to the testing meet. I would like to see a test on the same day in the same...
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    Lidar Testing

    I wouldn't think of you as an introvert after the meet either. Always good sharing experiences and info everyone can learn from. I do understand your thought on the board and as we discussed in person. I do notice that you probably have twice the amount of post here that I do and I have been...
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    Why did I wait so long?

    Welcome and nice car. Be aware that I/O and LIDAR can be sneaky from the perspective of how they can be used against you and you don't know it. RDs don't always alert to being hit by LIDAR. My R7 in recent testing showed that a hit short enough and at certain distances didn't alert. I also...
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    Southern Ohio Testing Group - Fall 2020 Event - Results!

    Just a couple of quick notes on the sign issue. The sign is closer to the road and closer to the cars being tested than any highway location due to the more narrow roadway. The sign is also lower than most highway signs so these may be a factor in it's effect "IF" it is an issue. We also were...
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    Southern Ohio Testing Group - Fall 2020 Event - Results!

    Thanks to Gwing and Ohioluck for setting up the test site and [email protected] for the gear and tech. It was great meeting everyone and seeing the set ups as well as the LIDAR units in action. I'll add a couple points on my set up for informational purposes. I was hoping looking at everyone's...
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    Anybody Recognize This Detector?

    That detector looks like one that was a build it yourself kit from the back of the Popular Mechanics or Car and Driver magazine from the same era.