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  1. Trinity

    4.1021 Now Available

    Mine was acting up a lot when I first updated, but seems to calmed down. I still get the random 9 k band alerts out of no where every now and than. Its still usable for me and I have no intentions of dusting my escort Max 360 for duty. I'll wait on the fix from valentine.
  2. Trinity

    Valentine Black Friday

    The concealed display needs to be a ESP version to work with the v1 g2. Not sure about the volume control.
  3. Trinity

    V1G2 Permanent Mount [Prototype]

    Oh wow this is nice. I shall be ordering one in the near future. I been tired of the v1 g2 mount sticking out like a sore thumb with the blendmount. At least with this I can tuck it high and tight where the mount won't be easily visible to everyone walking by my parked car.
  4. Trinity

    4.1021 Now Available

    My v1 g2 detected K band from a city bus from a distance (could be a legit k band source, but not something it picked up before being around buses) right after the update. Something is broke in the update for some I guess.
  5. Trinity

    4 Mile 34.7 detection!

    Nice. Do you have a dash cam to catch these detections?
  6. Trinity

    Upgrade Crash

    Ouch if that doesn't work then it's probably bricked. Might have to send it back to valentine for them to fix it.
  7. Trinity

    4.1021 Now Available

    The update is broke for me also. I'm getting flooded with K signals also at times. Update took about 25 minutes for me.
  8. Trinity

    4.1021 Now Available

    Time for me to watch Vortex how to update your v1 Gen 2 video again since it'll be my first time updating it. Thanks for posting this.
  9. Trinity

    Not much time to react to this one.

    My jbv1 was set at 40mph and mine doesn't change with the PSL since majority of areas don't have the speed limit data for me so I'm missing that important jbv1 feature. If I had the time I would help create that data myself.
  10. Trinity

    Not much time to react to this one.

    The range on this one with L mode
  11. Trinity

    Not much time to react to this one.

    Yea I might put it back to little l mode till 25mph now then full A mode after that. I'm going to retire L mode after this encounter as it didn't even alert till I could wave at the cop and he could wave back if he wanted to. I read about L mode cutting the detection range, but didn't think it...
  12. Trinity

    Not much time to react to this one.

    Just testing out the modes and auto change on JBV1. I been fine with this setting and K band for the weeks I been testing. Never thought it would cut my detection this short on K band that wasn't directly being shot at me. I would have to find my other videos but this car drives with K c/o...
  13. Trinity

    Not much time to react to this one.

    Here is the deal on this one. I been testing out L mode on my v1 g2 just so I know how every mode is. I been running this mode for about 2...3 weeks now with no issues. Detector was set to go from L mode to A mode at 40mph automatically. Well I never hit over 40 mph for long so I was stuck in...
  14. Trinity

    V1G2 Auto Off?

    He used a always hot fuse on his radar detector install in the fuse box. He'll have to switch it to the one that shuts off after "x" minutes or off at key off.
  15. Trinity

    V1 Gen2 Concealed Display Arrived Today!

    Indeed. I'm waiting for a thin one with colored bands from him.
  16. Trinity

    V1 Gen2 Concealed Display Arrived Today!

    He did some Nice work!
  17. Trinity

    V1G2 Full Custom Color Concealed Display!

    Too many colors for me, but awesome you got this done yourself. I would just want the bands in different colors only. Nice work [emoji106]
  18. Trinity

    Received a V1G2 disassembled - Resolved by Valentine.

    Cool! Video should be interesting.
  19. Trinity

    Excessive bogey Count

    It's a rare thing for me. It happens but not enough to bother me. It can be weeks to months till it happens again for me.
  20. Trinity

    Drove garden state in nj kept getting blips of ka.

    Going to be very hard to say without a video or more details on detector and frequency it was. I believe some detectors have issues of K band alerting as KA.