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    Waze vulnerabilities for privacy

    I didn't find anything about this in the forum so I will add it here for others to be aware of and hopefully it will get changed soon. I don't think it will be exploited to...
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    Couple of ALP configuration questions

    So I installed a 5 head( center front TX) system on my BMW 340i this week and had my first encounter today. I was on the highway using the ALP connect app on my Android phone in the background while using Waze for directions on screen. I was hit with lidar and the ALP sounded "Truspeed". I...
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    BMW ALP install help

    Hey guys looking for any help on doing a 5 head ALP install on a 2017 BMW 340i Xdrive. I'll be doing the install starting this week and would like any help or suggestions from others that have done an install on a BMW or other vehicles. I am running 3 heads front with the center head being a...
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    MSP releases annual Police car test results. I thought many here would find this interesting. Good to know information.
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    New V1 lots of K band falses OH

    Just used my new V1 with V1connect to get ready for using it with YaV1 soon and drove from MI to mid OH on I-75. I had a ton of K band activity the entire trip with most of it showing 1 bogey and more rear then front but all 3 arrows at various times. This appeared to be 24.152ish freq and was...
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    Ultimate countermeausre vehicle option

    Ultimate countermeasure vehicle option There is nothing like being able to change the color of your car from orange to black in seconds.
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    Auto Mechanic and Driving Instruction - Metro Detroit Area

    I am a mechanic and do driving instruction. I am in SE Michigan( metro Detroit area) and travel to SW Michigan,NE Indiana and northern Ohio regularly. I do most work out of my own garage and instruct at tracks and autocrosses locally. Experience and certifications available on request as is...
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    Lights and LIDAR effects

    I asked this question years ago on "another RD forum" and am asking again here for more current information if any. Light types and designs are constantly evolving so there may have been changes in the effects of various types of headlights and marker lights on LIDAR range. Has there been any...
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    Countermeasures list and definition

    I am not sure where to post this so I think this is the best section but if it fits better elsewhere please move it. Thinking about the various countermeasures I couldn't find a definition of what a passive or active countermeasure is. Some countermeasures are obvious like a LIDAR jammer...
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    Comparison of GPS coutermeasures

    I tried a search for Trapster and GPS in this section of the forum and didn't find a thread on GPS countermeasures. Is there a third party comparison of GPS devices used as countermeasures and how they compare to each other? I am looking at both stand alone devices like Cheetah and software...
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    Anyone in SE Michigan area

    Just joined and looking to see if there are others in the SE Michigan area.
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    Introduction and hello

    Hello all. I just found this site through some searching since the site I normally use doesn't allow links or mentioning other sites but someone was nice enough to post enough that with some searching... here I am. As a little background I have owned an Escort, Passport, Uniden RD-9 and a...