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    New noPhoto Unveil

    Looks like NoPhoto is going to the general public through Audiovox.
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    Florida Lidar Shoot out 2016!

    Please let me know. I will be at sema the first week, but would like to make it if possible.
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    3M vs. Veil ALPR

    OK, so you are covering the numbers with the tape. Interesting, ours are a white background with green letters. I guess I would need 3M tape that matched the numbers color, that will be tough. Any thoughts on this product?
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    3M vs. Veil ALPR

    How much tape are you using and mounted where? Orlando just approved up to 30 more cameras......
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    So Whats the "Top Secret" Escort News

    I will be hoping for a SEMA deal next month. Here is a link to a quick write up on the release.
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    Has anyone else used "off road only" E0 in their car?

    WaWa carries Ethanol free fuel, there are no regulations against it here. Use our Store Locator tool to find fuel prices and locations that carry ethanol-free gasoline and diesel fuel.
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    Goodbye California, Hello North Carolina (RTP)

    Welcome to the east coast, leave the left behind... and we have water!
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    Blinder Update - 2015-04-18

    Has anyone loaded this yet? Feedback? Why do you feel we will see another update shortly? Maybe just based on the past releases? I will be sitting by watching before I load this, hope it is a valid update.
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    Florida - K-Band Falses Galore!

    I had to return my redline and go to a 9500 so I could use GPS to lockout the crap. Watch I-4, my record is 6 lidar hits in one morning.
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    Anyone in central florida area with a laser gun?

    Welcome to the club.
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    Dubai PD, your not getting away from these guys.

    Check out this video released by the Dubai PD showing off a few of their go fast cars.
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    "K40 Electronics Releases Two New Portable Radar Detection Systems " K-Band Filters

    Just some news that popped up today: K40 listened to their customers and developed the innovative K40 K-Band Filter to automatically silence non-police K-Band frequencies, allowing the...
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    Jammer heads in headlight/taillight

    Yup, My taillights on my Charger. No loss that I could tell.
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    Any reputable radar detector/laser jammer installer in Southern Cali (San Diego)?

    I guess that's why the state is bankrupt and they call it the left coast :) Actually I worked in Maywood just outside LA city limits for several years. Had a place in Huntington beach, and often still travel to LA for work. I miss early morning horseback riding in Griffith Park. Some of my...
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    Any reputable radar detector/laser jammer installer in Southern Cali (San Diego)?

    Holy cow batman, I need to move to CA and open an install shop. It's not the price (well it is) but the fact that people would pay that.... WOW... You guys would be surprised at how many shops tell me they install jammers when I ask at Trade shows, then I ask "what type of gun do you test your...
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    New member

    Bronch Welcome, you are on the right path, investing in a quality solution ONE TIME is the key. Feel free to ask away from features, functions, to installation, and with that info you will be able to make the best choice for your situation and vehicle. Keep in mind where you drive the most can...
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    Uniden car chargers

    That's a wise way to look at it.
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    Uniden car chargers

    Top Power is a Chinese company and it does not surprise me that the voltage is a little outside of the specs. With power supplies and adapters it doesn't pay to go off brand.
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    Anyone in central florida area with a laser gun?

    Just one, a stalker LZ1. Works great, long range, reliable.
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    Tested Jonathanmp's setup today.....

    Jonathanmp made the drive up today with his newly installed ALP's. We ran a test with my gun (crusty old stalker) on his rig. 2 Heads mounted at the hood line, clear angle, level, a little more forward then I think necessary but that could be a whole thread here :D . Weather was mid 70's clear...