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    Dubai PD, your not getting away from these guys.

    Check out this video released by the Dubai PD showing off a few of their go fast cars.
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    "K40 Electronics Releases Two New Portable Radar Detection Systems " K-Band Filters

    Just some news that popped up today: K40 listened to their customers and developed the innovative K40 K-Band Filter to automatically silence non-police K-Band frequencies, allowing the...
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    Tested Jonathanmp's setup today.....

    Jonathanmp made the drive up today with his newly installed ALP's. We ran a test with my gun (crusty old stalker) on his rig. 2 Heads mounted at the hood line, clear angle, level, a little more forward then I think necessary but that could be a whole thread here :D . Weather was mid 70's clear...
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    A plus for Leon at Blinder USA

    So Saturday when I got into the car my HP-905 just didn't power up. On Sunday I checked everything and just nothing. CPU was dead. I sent an email to Leon and first thing Monday I received an email back with a few questions. After I answered them his response was short and sweet. "Send it back...
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    Stalker LR in the wild

    Saw this guy at a traffic light today. Seminole County Fl. Deputy. Stalker LR Holstered while he makes a u turn on the ramp to I-4.
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    The Next generation in falses and issues presents itself/ Lidar based FCWS

    So this came across my desk in one form or another. It is a Lidar based forward collision warning system. At this point more technical details have not been released to me, but I can only imagine.
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    How fast Will Escort Live track me???? Outbound JFK

    So Here I am sitting on the plane... board. Well electronic devices can be left on..hahaha. So I figure I would play with Escort Live a little. I was amazed at how well it tracked me. I only lost the maps when I lost connectivity.
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    The New Ford Police Interceptor Car Is an Intimidating Animal

    Just saw this online. Comes standard in this package with ALPR, isn't that sweet,
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    Just activate my Live from a Christmas present, Man am I dissapointed.

    I use Waze everyday, but with all the talk I finally installed my Live wired on my 9500IX. The App (android) really left me looking for more. No route up on the map, really not much info in my area, and it's a data hog.... One of the first things I noticed was that it was going off for alerts...
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    So I have a 9500ix, if I add Live do I still need to update?

    Just wondering in Live passes the data updates to my 9500ix or do I still need to have a subscription and download them too? Sorry if it's a basic question, but I can't find the answer. Just found the answer, Live accesses Defender but does not download it. So if I do not have data I will not...
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    You are committing a felony. Hand me the phone,” O’Brien says. Read more:

    Broward Florida Deputy arrests woman for audio recording a traffic stop.... Another idiot move: This has law suit written all over it.
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    In seach of Escort Jammers (LI or not?)

    So I was wandering around CES today at setup and couldn't help but try and get a sneak look :) I will keep looking.
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    Anyone have a schematic for the 905 switch?

    Anyone have a schematic for the 905 switch? I am looking to see if I can modify it slightly so when turned from 3 to 2 it will also operate my LI's at the same time. Or for that fact from 3 to off.. Thanks
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    Which Laser gun to buy to run tests?

    So I am thinking about buying a Laser gun to do some testing. There really is no one within a 2 hour drive that offers testing and I am thinking about spending the money, BUT the question is, If I can only buy one, which is going to be the best to buy for this purpose?' Should I look at what is...
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    to POP or not to POP, this is the question.

    So, my 9500ix has the option for POP on or off. Default is off. What is the benefit of having POP on? From what I have read POP is not very accurate and not often used, is this the case?
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    Is there a top and bottom?

    Well since the installation instructions stink, I thought I would ask here. Is there a to and bottom on a 905 head? Several people have suggested swapping the heads on my vehicle due to location, but could they just be flipped over or is the beam compromised if this is done? I do not know if it...
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    So I was cleaning up the shop today.. Anyone remeber this?

    Just a small piece of the past.. This was actually Made in the USA back then.
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    Prefered and easiest to use camera format? Poll

    So night starting to really dig into some of these cameras and formats I have found that MOV is a pain in the butt if your not running a MAC in general. It seems to have the highest video quality but difficult to merge and the file size is much bigger. I left work last night while a 120mb file...
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    If you were building your own dash cam, what would be the key features and price poin

    If you were building your own dash cam, what would be the key features and price be? So, After reading quiet a bit about these. looking at a tone of cameras I thought I would ask for opinions. I am listing most of what I can think of in the poll, but please fee free to add on.
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    Sent an email to Blinder tonight and recieved this reply....

    So I was thinking about 2 more heads for my 905 system and I sent and email to [email protected] and received this automated reply: This site is no longer in business and is for sale - please email [email protected] for more details. Any ideas whats up? Blinderguy posted this earlier...