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  1. Tallyho

    Announcement SquirrelMaster has been appointed to be the Security Lead!

    It's a worthwhile question to wonder why a guy who resorts to attacking RDF members over differences of opinion with sick, sexually perverted language is in charge of security around here? Is this the new face of RDF?
  2. Tallyho

    Theia Range Speculation

    That's because of the Escort patented DNA, Do Not Awake ®, technology.
  3. Tallyho

    Anyone from Chicago

    Where are you running into laser and is it from State or locals?
  4. Tallyho

    Rural K Band Testing with the Uniden R3

    Even more interesting is what that drop translates to in this compressed scenario. At best we are talking about a 5 second alert (K Filter On being the baseline), assuming a speed of 55mph. That 9% range reduction is equal to a ~20% penalty in terms of the warning time. (You beat me to it) It...
  5. Tallyho

    Rural K Band Testing with the Uniden R3

    Is it plenty of warning time though? Let's show the napkin calculations before making any assessments. First we have to establish the baseline calculation. Detection Distance = Run [email protected] 1,144 ft Kill Zone = ? ft Speed Limit = 45mph (Detection Distance ) - (Kill Zone Distance) = Advance Warning...
  6. Tallyho

    V1 RF Board Pics

    You're also not a manufacturer with an inherent conflict of interest.
  7. Tallyho

    V1 RF Board Pics

    Shine on what matter? Has anything in this thread actually been directly and causally linked to anything? What testing has been done to confirm it? There's a lot of talking and nothing to show for it. It's interesting how myths like this get started around here and how others perpetuate them...
  8. Tallyho

    V1 RF Board Pics

    I completely understood that as a non-engineer. You phrased it just fine. As a non-early adopter of the G2 I am grateful to Jon for pointing out that we can look for increased sensitivity and even better performance through the expected sensitivity gains coming from the G2 than we have already...
  9. Tallyho

    V1 RF Board Pics

    Have a feeling Mike can appreciate an upstart and innovator in the industry, given his record. And also very interested to see the results of what has been promised. Seems like a patient guy.
  10. Tallyho

    My R3 is dead, it stopped detecting all bands.

    The part that's really scary is that the R series self-test is not reliable. It's one thing for a detector to go through a malfunction but at least there was the self-test to give you some kind of peace of mind that it was giving you honest feedback. But now that that is out the window there's...
  11. Tallyho

    Newbie from Illinois

    I'm going to go waaaayyy out on a limb and say this got him interested: Welcome and good idea to seek out this forum.
  12. Tallyho

    After Theia?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::bravo: Guess he didn't get the memo before he went on that diatribe. This post didn't age well: "But go ahead and make assumptions on things you have no interest in, don’t know, don’t look... or just don’t really get." Enough with the personal attacks and ad...
  13. Tallyho

    Info Repair Process for V1 Gen2's

    You're going to find with V1 threads that they are populated with comments from members who don't use a V1, have no history of using one, won't ever get one and therefore don't have any personal experience to provide assistance with using and enjoying yours, or share your sense of goodwill. We...
  14. Tallyho

    How outdated is the LRD950?

    Excellent 34.7 detection Very good K detection, including low power K band. Ok 33.8 Poor X, 35.5 If you don't see X or 35.5 then it's really a great budget detector. If you do, then you are living on borrowed time.
  15. Tallyho

    V1G2 vs Falcon HR (Low Powered K Band) C/O---GR Course

    Thank for the testing @croup . Even when tests have to be re-run it's another way to hone your testing chops. Thankfully we have technical know how from the group and willing testers who mostly are open to feedback, as you have been. Have you considered using the new RDTest app we saw Vortex...
  16. Tallyho

    NoPhoto options?

    Here's one example with a copy of the enforcement notice: The rest of the thread is also worth a read.
  17. Tallyho

    Anyone else have gunk buildup under the display?

    If it's adhesive then rubbing alcohol and a q tip may work. If it's dust then get out the air compressor and give it a good shot of air.
  18. Tallyho

    Please submit questions for our Friday video!

    How has the COVID-19 public health crisis impacted your business and the ability to deliver Theia to the market?
  19. Tallyho

    I am considering purchasing the Cobra Dual Pro 360, to run alongside my V-2.

    Sometimes you can see a feature or spec advertised by a manufacturer and get sucked into the FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. But then when you think about the feature and what can serve your needs you realize that the feature can be easily provided through other avenues of information that can...
  20. Tallyho

    Vortex Ramp Up Comparison Posted on YouTube

    Having a more urgent ramp that delivered that happy medium was always possible with the V1G1 through menu setting #5 (as opposed to Mambo #5) . Wonder if that changed as a result of the behavior we are seeing from K Verifier?