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  1. Trinity

    Not much time to react to this one.

    Here is the deal on this one. I been testing out L mode on my v1 g2 just so I know how every mode is. I been running this mode for about 2...3 weeks now with no issues. Detector was set to go from L mode to A mode at 40mph automatically. Well I never hit over 40 mph for long so I was stuck in...
  2. Trinity

    Sensor mode issue

    Recently my detector display is not coming on during the day time when I'm using sensor mode like it use to. I also noticed while driving sometimes during the day light the display will goon and off while in sensor mode. I have seen the display blink on and off during the night on sensor...
  3. Trinity

    What mode do you use on your gen 2?

    I started off using little "l" but recently I moved to "A" mode and it's better for me. With l mode the detector would mute my KA alerts, but still give a visual warning until the detector decided it was a threat to me. I wanna hear the complete ramp up from start to finish. Anyone else find A...
  4. Trinity

    Dropping SD card in car

    And it magically falls into a newly created crack because you can't find it. I hate when this happens. The last time this happened was years ago and it was hard to find then. That was removing it from the camera and the force from the spring made it fly to some unknown spot in my car that took...
  5. Trinity

    4 Mile detection but two frequencies?

    What does this mean? Is that two different cops grouped as one long detection?
  6. Trinity

    Used dash cameras. Yes or No.

    Is there a reason why you wouldn't buy used or refurbished dash cameras? I think I replaced 2 dash cameras in my life time as they started having problems with not recording and destroying SD cards. However, now I'm thinking they was fine, but sd cards are the problem. If the cameras are really...
  7. Trinity

    Silent KA alerts video

    I originally was testing out the rear attenna on my gen 2 with the 24.085 K source to see how long it'll keep the signal. Low and behold while testing against the speed sign I get a KA alert, then another KA Alert to the front. For this video JBV1 was on 5mph for slient ride control. As you can...
  8. Trinity

    KA band+K hit video with weird glitch

    I included text in the video to help move it along. Sorry about the light issue and the banner in the video. (thread in Dash cam section helping me out already) KA band hit then I got a weird glitch when a white SUV comes on the side of me. On the other hand I'm thinking this is the ghosting...
  9. Trinity

    Viofo A129  Issues

    I'll having terrible glare problems from lights on both cameras. The camera is on stock settings. This is not the 4k version. I cleaned the heck out of my windows both inside and out. These light glares are making the videos useless. I'm taking a picture of my monitor to just show the light...
  10. Trinity

    v1g2 K Band sign video

    The alert lit up my v1 before you hear it due to my low speed muting while tuning that corner. Sorry the v1 is not visible due to my blend mount. [emoji853] The ramp up at times seems it's gps based. If I speed up just a tad bit during the alert so does the detector alert chirp speed up. If I...
  11. Trinity

    Muted volume preference

    I'm new to the Valentine 1 world and assuming the v1 always had two volume controls. For the people who use jbv1 what do you have your muted volume set to? Are your lock outs silent or do they alert at a low volume. Seems like a waste of a lockout if your still getting alerted to them. I'm a...
  12. Trinity

    Lock outs and low speed muting

    Is it normal for lock outs to still have a low volume beep on the physical v1 unit? There showing on my screen as a gray or orange frequency number with a line thru it however I still hear the chirps from the v1. Same thing for low speed muting. I have jbv1 option ON for "stationary mute" but...
  13. Trinity

    Speed limit sign not showing

    Im not seeing the speed limit sign on my screen while driving with jbv1 open. I have the reverse geo option on and I have the show speed limit sign toggled on. Even rebooted my phone. Any other options to enable to get this feature working? I have LTE data on my phone and was connected to the...
  14. Trinity

    Joining the v1 family soon

    Vortex and Jbv1 is the main two main reasons that I'm making this purchase. I never realized the valentine detector had powerful user 3rd party apps like Jbv1, v1driver, etc. I always wanted a Valentine1 and an escort 360max, but couldn't afford it either. Escort live has nothing over jbv1...
  15. Trinity

    The factory mount sucks

    Was putting the mount onto my windshield when the mount exploded. Pieces went flying and I'm pretty sure I could've lost a eye if whatever flew o out had came at eyes. Guess I'll be getting a second blendmount for the other car after this incident. Vortex video did warn about this issue.
  16. Trinity

    Blendmount max 360

    I just upgraded my old cheap mirror mount to one from blendmount. While its very nice I'm having a issue now where the screen is dim in the day time. My guess the auto screen dim sensor is being blocked maybe by the Blendmount. Never had this problem on my other mirror mount on this detector...
  17. Trinity

    Escort live speed limit showing , "--" .. Again

    Is anyone else having this problem again. I noticed it at 10pm yesterday. Last time I drove was Friday so I'm not sure when this started again. This happen recently for everyone a few months ago.
  18. Trinity

    confused max 360 owner on the official forums

    Maybe he has a sleeping unit?? It could be anything since he doesn't have much details about what device the officer used on him. Still interesting since some people here have sleepy detectors. If the link is not allowed then go to the 360 section on the official escort forums and you'll see...
  19. Trinity

    Smart cord alert light

    The "alert" light is staying on all the time now. Even when there is no alert. Is my cord going bad?? It's a pretty new max 360 with the factory cord. Thanks
  20. Trinity

    Going to take the jump

    I brought the Cobra dual pro 360 aka beltronic gt360 radar detector based off the max platform. Im getting tons of rear falses on it. Really left a sour taste in my mouth with anything from the Max 360 family line). I did the lastest update and that improved enough that i trust it, but it still...