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  1. Tallyho

    Anyway to Add Sensitivity Settings on K band?

    Other manufacturers allow for sensitivity settings, particularly on K band. Is this possible with the V1 and if not what would it take from VR to open it up for app setting development?
  2. Tallyho

    Kustom Falcon Parts Ordering?

    I need a part for a Kustom Falcon HR, specifically the blue plastic cover that protects the transmitter. Anyone know how/where these can be ordered? (part number 088-0263-00)
  3. Tallyho

    Simultaneous Radar Guns

    We all know the caveats about simultaneously testing RD's. What about simultaneously running radar guns when testing? I shot two K band guns today and they were in close sync with their readings but I'm curious what issues this might present for testing purposes.
  4. Tallyho

    KA More Responsive Settings (maybe K too?)

    So the V1 can be reprogrammed as per the VR website to provide a more urgent ramp up and signal strength response for Ka: Given the presence of low powered K band would this option be helpful to have on K band, or given that K pollution is omnipresent, would it be counter-productive? Where...
  5. Tallyho

    Does TMG Have A Fail-Safe Performance Check?

    Does TMG have a fail-safe system performance check in place so that users can be certain that the system is functioning at 100% normal operation? For example, many detectors will cause a fault code if they are out of spec. Does TMG have anything in place to ensure the user is alerted to any...
  6. Tallyho

    Valentine Research is Getting Killed on Yelp

    Take a look at these reviews and they will all be very similar to those threads that pop up every few months around here. Anybody see a pattern? The VR Lady (or ladies) are destroying the brand name. Why would you allow your namesake product to continue to be tarnished by this kind of...
  7. Tallyho

    Can Someone Explain What Type of LED Bulb Termination This Is For My Vehicle?

    Figured since you guys are more technically competent than me, you could help solve this mystery regarding an LED termination for my E46 sidemarker. What the hell is this plug termination and just as importantly what does the female termination to which it belongs look like? Do I have any...
  8. Tallyho

    LRD950 Cold Weather Performance

    This morning with temperatures hovering around 0° I took a 15 minute trip without giving the LRD950 much time to warm up. About 5 minutes in is a known K band source that always sets it off. Today it was quiet, like frozen quiet. So it raises the question to what extent do cold temps affect...
  9. Tallyho

    LRD950 Band Priority Example: Turn on K Filter to prioritize Ka Band

    Was driving this morning with K filter off just to maximize range when I ran into some 35.5 from the local yokel finest. The 950 then picked up some K pollution immediately following the detection of the 35.5 signal which overrode the Ka signal. At which point I was wondering if the Ka...
  10. Tallyho

    K Filter Shootout: V1C and LRD950 Versus Kustom Falcon K Band

    The Contestants: V1C 3.894 (POP off on) and LRD950 1.51 (GPS off) The Opposition: Kustom Falcon K Band Gun- Stationary and Constant On The Course: A non-closed, slightly over 1 mile, on-axis course that is actively used by LEO’s in a typical suburban environment with mobile and stationary K...
  11. Tallyho

    Uniden LRD950 K band Speed Sign Test 1.37 vs 1.51

    Got some K band testing in tonight for the Uniden LRD950 vs a K band Speed sign ~24.150 (without any accompanying videos). My main concern was getting a gauge for K band without any filtering on both 1.37 and 1.51 firmware. I don't know if there is any consensus on this yet but I've seen so...
  12. Tallyho

    RDF Geographical Survey Organization & Enhancement Ideas Thread- Suggestions Welcome!

    The RDFGS is a great repository of information for us. It also contains plenty of data that currently is not date stamped, identified by user who input the data, etc. In the interest of data integrity I'd like to start a thread where we can make suggestions toward: Grooming the data (e.g...
  13. Tallyho

    Just Picked up the AntiLaser G9 RX...

    Anyone have any experience with this version to provide some comments about performance, mounting, etc? I realize its several generations behind the ALP but what else do I need to know? I have the dual version which I'm mounting on a 330i. Will one head be good enough on each the front/rear or...
  14. Tallyho

    Wave Illustration for Radar Bands/Frequencies?

    Ok, so for most of us who have been using RD's for awhile we can get a pretty good assessment of the threat level by using a combination of the band, signal strength and our own knowledge of the situation and circumstances. I've always thought about the different radar bands by trying to...
  15. Tallyho

    Logged Alerts Ka Band

    My logged alerts is turned on and K band is showing up fine but I can't get Ka to show up for the life of me. I got blasted today so I know I have plenty of Ka hits. Any thoughts? I am not running anything custom nor do I have boxes defined. Only thing is I have data logging off until signal...
  16. Tallyho

    New Illinois Area Member

    Long time lurker and second time poster. This forum has been a wealth of info and I'd like to start contributing to the Illinois RDF Geographical Survey. Been using the V1 for many years (I can neither confirm nor deny having one of these) but only recently decided to pick up the V1 Connection...