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  1. DocTJ

    Possibility - Licence Plate Blocker From @Ramsjam12
  2. DocTJ

    4.1021 Now Available

    In addition to the weirdness that can happen: my lexus is triggering 24.228/ 229/ 230, without other offenders on the road (5AM drives, empty roads)
  3. DocTJ

    4.1021 Now Available

    you rang ? lol (Even in my panamera this is shit. Same with the Lexus. Same with the Audi ) I’m driving in little L mode just to get some damn peace, and this is in PA
  4. DocTJ

    Audi S4 driver booked for speeding at 228 km/h in Ontario

    I will never understand where the crime in speeding is. open roads. Capable car. Not being reckless. ridiculous.
  5. DocTJ

    Theia RF Architecture

  6. DocTJ

    Having BSM issues after firmware update? Ghosting?

    I tried turning off k verifier on the RD itself the way @Bloovy One posted. I definitely got more noise and K falses. Then turned K verifier back on. But still broken and still not as good as 4.1019. this is not helpful in PA (K country). You can hear jbv1 give a legitimate heads up in that...
  7. DocTJ

    4.1021 Now Available

    I just want to go back to 4.1019 :( before we are stuck with this update for God knows how long with Covid shut downs looming. Please VR if you read this give us an option in the app to reinstall 4.1019
  8. DocTJ

    Why Theia at a price point of $1000+ is not cost effective.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. that being said: can’t wait to put a Porsche in my Porsche. thanks Jon and Randy for working on this (and others at radenso)
  9. DocTJ

    4.1021 Now Available

    The whole point of getting a V1G2 was to avoid this kind of crap that the R7 was doing. I hope this is remedied soon Wish we had a “downgrade” firmware option (Yes upgraded after server issue)
  10. DocTJ

    Help me choose! Please...

  11. DocTJ

    Help me choose! Please...

    You can’t put a price on comfort and what works for you. where are you located and do you face K band where you are? 1605402743 Low powered K band that’s hard to pick up. It’s now spread into ny and Chicago and a few other places
  12. DocTJ

    4.1021 Now Available

    Yes we are good now. took a while but successfully upgraded. I’m spoiled with uniden *flash* upgrades so when this one took appropriately longer I freaked out thinking I bricked it let’s see how it goes
  13. DocTJ

    Cruise control max speed setting

    2021 Ford explorer limited. max set cruise at 110 Limited to 125. Mexico of course.
  14. DocTJ

    4.1021 Now Available

    same here
  15. DocTJ

    Updated List of Mechanical Issues with the new V1G2

    That’s not a power off. That’s a blue tooth disconnect and apparently is a deliberate design thing to help the V1g2 clear it’s cache from all the K band it’s filtering. Apparently it’s being worked on. But rest assured: it’s “normal”
  16. DocTJ

    MRCD/MRCT in Missouri?

    I don’t think they do. Missouri has been strongly against even red light traffic cameras. the closest I remember to this was dragon cam across the river in Illinois but that was years back.
  17. DocTJ

    Cruise control max speed setting

    2021 Chevy Malibu. Max setting was 120 if I remember correctly . Max speed was 124 comfortable and capable but more importantly the handling on this thing surprised me truly. Stable at high speeds and whatnot .
  18. DocTJ

    Expected release date for Theia?

    I see this thread started Dec 2019, before crap hit the fan. As much as I’d like theia to be 2020, I’m totally forgiving if it got extended by the same amount of time that was lost due to COVID as everyone else got backlogged , including the suppliers and manufacturers of the parts. Even if we...
  19. DocTJ

    Any gamers.... PS5 or Xbox Series X

    Planning on a PS5 when its available. I use my PS4 a few times a week, little minutes here and there. I enjoy it. I had a gaming PC, but the laptop and work has replaced that. I enjoy the big tv and the comfort of my couch and still get to hang out in the main part of the house as opposed to...