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  1. USAir767

    Unmarked Hyundai NC Raleigh Area

    Saw this in the North Carolina Volkswagen Facebook group. spotted in Raleigh a grey Hyundai Tucson with normal NC tags. I assume this is a personal vehicle but still should keep an eye out! Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Tapatalk
  2. USAir767

    Unmarked Toyota Camry LEO seen on I-77 SB in Statesville NC

    Wanted to post this for NC members near Charlotte/Statesville area: construction zone white Toyota Camry with permanent tags. Unsure if he had radar or not or which department (Either Statesville PD or Iredell County Sheriff I'm assuming) @Choose Life @Z06fan @GotWake @Kennyc56
  3. USAir767

    CMPD working I-77 Express lanes north of I-485

    Heads up for anyone that travels the express lanes, noticed a CMPD Explorer with a customer going southbound at exit 25 and then set up behind concrete going north between exits 25 and 28. Not sure if he was running radar or not because I was in a car with no detector. @Choose Life watch out...
  4. USAir767

    NC Testing

    I'm about to get my ALP installed in my new car this week and would need to get the setup tested Is anyone up for a testing meetup soon?
  5. USAir767

    Placement suggestions for 2016 VW Jetta GLI

    I traded in the Santa Fe for an MK6 GLI and need ALP placement recommendations Still have the 2 RX and 1TX sensors for the front, planning on getting rear heads for the car Red are for the regular heads and the yellow is the TX head location. The VW logo will make it hard to place it right...
  6. USAir767

    NCHP Stepping up Thanksgiving Enforcement

    Anyone in NC or traveling through NC next week will be welcome to highway patrol units sitting on the interstates every 20 miles NC Highway Patrol placing troopers every 20 miles along interstates during Thanksgiving
  7. USAir767

    2008 E91 328xi ALP Placement

    I am about to acquire a 2008 328xi wagon with low miles (~9k) and am looking at ALP placement on it I was thinking of going below kidney grill. It will be 2 regular sensors and 1 TX in the front with rear placement in the future.
  8. USAir767

    ALP System Has Long Beep When Hit and No Alert

    Recently my ALP system will have a long beep whenever I'm being hit with laser and the system is in defense mode The LED on the control pad will turn solid red and there will be no voice alerts at all saying what gun it is and the standard interference detection alert Why is this? Thanks .
  9. USAir767

    Southampton, NY pd running truspeed s

    Earlier I was driving home with my family from the beach and I saw two Southampton police officers running a LIDAR trap. One of them was holding what looked like a Truspeed S. Just a heads up for anyone who happens to be driving through this area
  10. USAir767

    ALP Placement on 2014 Santa Fe Sport

    Hi everyone, I'm strongly considering buying ALP for my car soon and would like advice on placement. At first I'd get 3 heads for the front and then eventually two in the rear. Here's what I was thinking for front placement: My only concern is that the opening on each side of the grill is...
  11. USAir767

    Redline $375 on eBay
  12. USAir767

    ALP or Blinder

    Hey everyone, Not sure where to post this, so mods feel free to move it if needed I was was out and about today and saw a set of dual front jammers on a BMW I8, but I can't tell if they're Blinders and ALPs. At least it's a decent install.
  13. USAir767

    Max2 at BestBuy for $429.99

    Normally sells on there for $599.99
  14. USAir767

    Seattle to Vancouver and back

    Hey guys, Next week I'll be flying to Seattle for a week and during that time I will be renting a car and driving to Vancouver. I will have my Redline and Waze with me. Is there anything I should be looking for in particular? I understand that there is LIDAR in Vancouver so I'll have to rely...
  15. USAir767

    Watch Out in NC

    According to many sources, North Carolina law enforcement will start cracking down on speeders, even if going +10 or less the PSL. This crackdown will begin tomorrow.
  16. USAir767

    MirrorTap in a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

    Hello all, I just ordered a Redline with a mirrortap wire and I was wondering if anyone has done a mirrortap in a 2014 Santa Fe or similar? I don't want to mess up. Thanks, Xander