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  1. PilotGirl59

    Busted 31kms over

    Well, I was not thinking and thought i was still in Alberta running my R1 I guess. I was running Waze but the LEO was oncoming at night and I didn't have my RD as it is illegal here in Ontario. LEO was friendly, but didn't give me any breaks. I wasn't sure on the racing thing so i didn't ask...
  2. PilotGirl59

    Hmmm, where to install rear dashcam in a C7 Vette.

    Just installed a Thinkware F800 into my vette. Never gave much thought to a rear cam and really not sure where or if I can install one... No idea on why I can't upload the pic properly. Tried twice.
  3. PilotGirl59

    Waze running on Apple Play

    Upgraded Waze and iPhone to IOS 12. Now have Waze running on the car.. Much nicer than looking at the phone all the time. Waze of course is my last line of defense.
  4. PilotGirl59

    Wanting to Learn

    Hi everyone. Just purchased a 2019 Stingray and want to learn about counter measures that are available and what others use here in Canada. I have always been interested in counter measures and find it fascinating. I live/work in Northern Alberta, go to Edmonton often and also travel to...